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Pennie Mills' Beautiful Living Articles
Written by Pennie Mills of Ladies Blend   


     Outside, the seasons have changed, the rhythm, the beat, it is all delightfully different.  The beaches are lightly sprinkled with local sun worshippers and shelling enthusiasts. Through the lapping of the ocean waves and chirping birds, there is a sort of silence, the kind that feeds and nourishes our souls and wisdom.

     Fresh autumn air is a natural tranquil-izer and the best time to gather up some potpourri items and toss them with a touch of favorite fall essential oils.   The delicious aromas wafting through our home creates memories, cozy feelings and can be as simple as lighting a candle.

     Though incredibly beautiful, experiencing the magic of fall is more than vibrant colors.  It is witnessing wildlife preparing for the months ahead, it is taking in what cannot be seen; like the nip in the air, the smell of the breeze, it is a feeling within.

     A seasonal cleanse will serve us well; it is during this time when we search within and free ourselves from the unimportant and meaningless.  It is only then, that a new sort of balance begins to grab hold and take shape.   Reflection, contemplation and renewal are an integral part of every season.  With a lighter presence and clearer mind, we are better suited to flourish, succeed and live happily.

     As we ready for the upcoming season, we will open our arms and hearts, as big and as wide as we can.  The busy days ahead are meant to be embraced and enjoyed, in all their greatness and glory.  Have trust in ourselves and cling to the good, that is what will bring comfort to us all.

Warm Autumn Wishes,








     Pennie Mills is the owner of Ladies Blend design studio, offering handmade semiprecious gemstone jewelry and handcrafted soy bliss candles.

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