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Beautiful Living: Balance and Joy  E-mail
Written by Pennie Mills of Ladies Blend   


     This holiday season, for many of us is all about comfort and feeling happy!  Let us lighten our loads and do it right now, so that we may maximize our enjoyment.  There are always things that we can let go of and do without for a short period.  Make way for good intentions and meaningful time spent making lasting, loving, treasured memories.

     Striking a balance, is it even possible?  Finding one’s balance can at times be almost effortless, other times it can be a struggle and even feel impossible.  Every year at some point in November, we buckle up and strive to achieve the perfect blend of stamina and nourishment that will carry us through to the New Year.  Maybe it all comes together and maybe it does not, either way there is no harm in trying to create a little organized chaos.


     Regardless of the point of balance that we reach, it is always good to engage in some sort of physical activity.  Let us do whatever it takes to fit in a workout, a walk, a run, playing in the yard with the kids.  It will help to clear our minds, we will become more focused, stress is not gone, but is lessened and those things that we have to do around the holidays (and in our everyday lives) that are not so joyful will not seem so bad.


     Solo or group acts of kindness to others in need can go along way in triggering that unconditional joyful feeling that lives deep within all of us.  I include solo because in reality, this is not for everyone.  Do not allow resistance from others to take away your joy, a force of one is better than none.


     Nurturing ourselves, it is essential to everyone’s happiness!  Relax and unwind using your own traditional methods or try some new ones.  Here is a favorite soaking recipe that I sometimes use:



End of the Week Stress Relief Bath Soak



  •  Several handfuls of a good bath salt such as, Black Sea Pink Salt, Sea Salt, Epsom Salt, Organic Grey Sea Salt.
  • Essential Oils of: Lavender-5 drops, Spearmint-2 drops, Eucalyptus-2 drops, diluted in about 1 tablespoon of a quality carrier oil, such as Jojoba, Cherry Kernel, Camellia, Olive.


  • Fill the tub about half full with warm to hot water.
  • With the water still running, add the salts and essential oil solution.
  • Use your hands to swish it all around, while continuing to fill the tub.
  • Using care step into the tub and fill with water to appropriate level.
  • Soak for at least 15-20 minutes.


  • Oil may make tub surface slick, a bath mat is suggested.
  • The warm glow from a candle and a relaxing CD playing softly will enhance your soaking experience.
  • Begin the weekend or anytime with a stress relief bath.


I always save a big dollop of sweet potatoes for this nourishing facial treatment:


Sweet Potato Facial



  • 1-2 ounces cooked mashed sweet potatoes
  • 1 tbs oats (oatmeal)
  • 1 tbs honey
  • pinch of nutmeg


  • Mix all of the ingredients together to form a thick like consistency. 
  • Adjust the ingredients if needed, add more oats to make it thicker or add a touch of water to thin it out. 
  • Apply to face and neck, leave on for about 5 minutes or so. 
  • Tissue off the bulk, rinse with warm water and gently pat skin dry.

Sweet potatoes are a significant source of Vitamin A and beta-carotene, rich in antioxidants and nourishing for your skin.  Many facial topical treatments include ingredients that are derived from vitamin A.  Beta-carotene converts to vitamin A in our bodies, it aides in production of new skin cells helping to keep our skin soft, smooth and resilient.


     Happy Thanksgiving to those that celebrate it and best wishes to everyone.










Pennie Mills is the owner of Ladies Blend design studio, offering handmade semiprecious gemstone jewelry and handcrafted soy bliss candles. Visit her blog, the Ladies Blend Thymes for craft projects, homemade beauty recipes, beauty articles, foodie recipes, pictures of her gardens, pets, home and so much more! 



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