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     One of my favorite bath additives is simply-salts.  In having my previous bath and beauty line, I came to enjoy researching and finding out just where all the exotic and not so exotic ingredients actually come from.  The regions that they come from, how they are harvested and processed, all equally important. While I am all for DIY and beauty on a budget, buyer beware, if you are looking to reap the healthy benefits of the salts.  Be sure to purchase from a well-known and ethical supplier. 

     My ultimate bath salt soak much of the time will include Organic Grey Sea Salt from Breton™.  It is a certified organic bath salt, harvested by hand from the island of Noirmoutier near Brittany, France.  It undergoes no treatment after harvesting. Neither washed, nor refined, it keeps its essential nutrients vital to the human body. Salt farmers must follow strict harvesting rules.  

     I believe that this is one of the best bath and beauty salts to have.  It is soft like, very fine, dissolves easily and very rarely ever clumps or gets so hard that you practically need a hammer to break it apart like some salts.  All of these fine attributes makes this salt a perfect ingredient for scrubs, salt glows, all kinds of beauty treatments and my favorite- bath soaks.  Whether it is used as a stand-alone ingredient or mixed with beautiful organic herbs and/or a touch of organic essential oil, you will have a healthy, luxurious organic bath ready and waiting to care for your body, mind and spirit. 

     I hope you enjoy the recipe that follows, click here to read a previous post that I wrote about this topic at the Ladies Blend blog.

Organic Strawberry Coconut Salt Scrub Recipe-for Feet & Hands


  • 5 or 6 very ripe organic strawberries
  • 1-3 tsp organic virgin unrefined coconut oil
  • 1-2 tbs organic grey sea salt

   Mash the strawberries in a bowl; add the other ingredients to make a paste.  Apply to clean feet and hands in a circular motion to condition and exfoliate skin.  Rinse well and pat dry. 

   I am not known for exact measurements with these quick beauty recipes, adjust the ingredients to create your desired scrub consistency.  The size and juiciness of the strawberries and the temperature of the coconut oil all have an affect on the outcome of the recipe.  If the strawberries are really juicy, you may want to strain them.  It is foolproof, have fun with it! 

   Make just prior to using, discard any leftovers.  Double or triple ingredients to make a full body scrub.

     Best Wishes~Pennie 

     Pennie Mills is a handmade jewelry designer, candle maker, aromatherapy, all natural health & skincare enthusiast, massage therapist, scrapper, easy sewing seamstress and crafter of all things beautiful!  She sells her handmade gemstone jewelry, soy candles and atmosphere sprays on her website,  Ladies Blend design studio and writes about all topics of interest at the Ladies Blend blog.  



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