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Danna Norek's Inspired Living Articles
Written by Danna Norek of Aura Sensory   

Have you ever noticed that you look (and feel) most beautiful when you’ve just gotten back from a relaxing vacation or other similar experience?  People tend to tell you that you look “well rested”, glowing or even radiant when you feel your best, and it’s no coincidence. 

You actually DO look better after a relaxing or fulfilling experience.  It can take years off of your appearance. It also gives you that special “internal glow” that you can’t really buy from a visit to the dermatologist or aesthetician’s office. 

So, let’s talk about two of my favorite ways to get more relaxed, more zen, and more in line with your inner (and outer) beauty. 

Take a Long Walk Outdoors

Whether you walk or jog, or even combine the two, getting outdoors is one of the best ways to relax your mind and rejuvenate your spirit.  The blend of colors and scents in nature are a potent relaxant. 

Studies have found that merely being outside and mowing the lawn has a powerful relaxing and mood lifting effect. The natural chemicals given off by plant materials outdoors actually have a calming effect on the brain which explains why being outside has such a positive effect on so many people.

One of the reasons stress levels tend to go up in the winter time is because people feel cooped up and don’t have as much access to the naturally calming effects of nature.  Taking walks outdoors exposes you to another powerful mood lifter : sunlight. 

Another powerful mood lifter is running water. The soothing sound of running water is not the only benefit.  Simply being near a moving body of water such as the ocean, a lake or a river puts you in an environment full of negative ions. 

Negative ions have a powerful effect on your levels of serotonin, one of the “feel good” chemicals released by your body.  Within moments of being in close proximity of running water, you usually experience a feeling of calm and peace. You may even feel a burst of energy. 

Soak in a Sauna

Saunas have been used for hundreds of years as a means of relaxation and detoxification.  Today’s saunas are even better than the older models of yesteryear as they have infrared technology which penetrates the tissues better.  This means they provide a deeper means of muscle relaxation and can help detoxify the body better.

Merely stepping in a sauna has a positive effect on mood.  The dry/hot atmosphere, combined with the natural woodsy smell of the cedar makes for an ultra relaxing escape from the world. It also makes a great escape from the winter cold, and can help boost feelings of well being when the temperatures outside are bone chilling.

Many sauna users report lower blood pressure, lower stress levels and a better overall sense of well being with regular sauna bathing regimens.  Saunas also have a naturally beautifying effect on the skin, helping to cleanse it of impurities and stimulating the blood flow as well as the production of collagen.

If you do not own a sauna, there are many gyms that have one you can use free of charge with your membership.  Owning a sauna is actually a very attainable thing these days though. There are many that are very affordable, which also don’t require special outlets or electrical work. 


 About the author : Danna Norek owns AuraSensory.com, which makes nontoxic, all natural body and skin care products such as an all natural deodorant, chemical free lotions and soaps, and introducing chemical and SLS free hair care.


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