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Written by Danna Norek of Aura Sensory   

Much of the food we typically eat in the American diet is what is called “dead” food. It is called dead because so much of the processed food we consume is devoid of many nutrients and enzymes that have dramatic effects on your health.  These enzymes are usually cooked out, processed out, or otherwise neutralized by other typical techniques used to make food today.

Enzymes are found naturally in many of the fresh fruits that can be found year round. Of course, there are certain times where they are “in season” and taste better, but they generally can be purchased any time.  Fruits that are categorized as tropical are generally the most rich source of these beneficial enzymes.

Papayas, pineapples, mangos, mangosteen, noni fruit, dragon fruit and other exotic tropical fruits that have a zingy-sweet flavor are typically high in these types of enzymes.  These enzymes have the reputation of being excellent internal cleansers because they have the ability to literally “scrub” the digestive system.

Papaya enzyme (papain) is known for being a great digestion aid due to its ability to break down protein more effectively.  It can also be incredibly effective at treating indigestion and addressing sluggish elimination and digestion.

Some use it as a beauty aid in natural topical mask concoctions since it helps to externally cleanse the skin and refresh it, scrubbing away the outer dead layers of skin while revealing fresher, more rejuvenated skin.  It is used in some natural facial skin products as a way to help refresh the skin as well.

Pineapple contains an enzyme called bromelain. It is most well known as a supplement that can help reduce the appearance and severity of bruises. It is often prescribed as a preventive supplement for surgery that may cause bruising as well. 

Bromelain also aids in digestion, reduce bloating and gas and generally improves overall break down and processing of foods, much like the papain enzyme.  It is also used to help speed healing of cuts, bruises and scrapes (internally, not externally applied).

Bromelain has also been used as a supplement to help with tendonitis and other muscle and joint issues.  Pineapple is known as a great diet food because of the enzyme’s ability to break down food more quickly and make digestion more efficient thereby facilitating more efficient and effective metabolism of food.

In addition to the beneficial enzymes found in tropical fruits, there is also an abundance of vitamin C. Vitamin C is an excellent all-around antioxidant. It helps the body to produce more collagen and acts as a clarifying agent for the skin while giving it a wonderful natural glow, both topically and when eaten.  


Danna Norek owns AuraSensory.com, where you can find a range of natural, nontoxic skin, personal and body care products that now only work but also smell great - with 100% plant based essential oils.


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