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Danna Norek's Inspired Living Articles
Written by Danna Norek of Aura Sensory   

    Energy that is even, plentiful and productive is one of the most sought after states of being in today's hectic world and it's something that we all come up short on periodically.  It is true that some of our energy may come from built-in, genetic structure. However, most of the time, our energy levels are determined by our lifestyle, our diet, and the nutrients we put in our body.


Just as there are certain foods that rob us of our energy, or give us surges and then lows, there are some that can sustain levels of energetic activity for hours on end.  There are also supplements we can take that will help to enhance our stamina and energy levels, and we will talk about those as well.


One of the first foods we'll talk about is one that many of us often have on hand for its convenience and utility as a portable snack food. I'm talking about the banana.


Bananas produce instant energy because of their carbohydrate content. But they also provide a source of protein, which when combined with the carbs makes it an excellent, sustainable source of energy.  They also contain potassium which helps the muscles of the body work correctly and help keep the electrolyte balance in check, which just helps add to sustained energy levels. 


Supplements for energy


Of course there are also supplements that help to increase our energy levels. Some of them have a cumulative effect over time while others can produce instant results.  Yerba mate is one that may help produce instant results thanks to its natural (albeit modest) level of natural caffeine.  Yerba mate is a popular alternative to coffee and tea because it also contains high levels of antioxidants.


Ginkgo biloba is another energy booster. This supplement also has the distinction of helping to boost brain function, so it may be a good supplement to have around. The same thing goes for ginseng, which is more of a light energy booster that helps increase energy levels over time for many people.


Bee pollen is another popular option, but only those who are not allergic to bees can take this one. This supplement peaked in popularity in the seventies and eighties, but many still use it for its energy boosting benefits as well as a host of other supposed health benefits.


Whatever the course you take to help increase your energy levels, it is important to note that one principle still stands out. Moving around and minimizing your sitting time is crucial to sustaining energy levels. Your metabolism begins to slow down along with your energy levels after just 30 minutes of sitting, so make sure you get up and about as often as possible. 






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