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Written by Danna Norek of Aura Sensory   

I’m actually the perfect example of so many others who have actually developed sensitivities and allergies to artificial fragrance as they get older.  When I think back on it, before I was aware that artificial fragrances contained numerous chemicals, unidentified on the labels of the products they inhabited, I probably had reactions to them going back to being a child. 

I have had asthma since I was about five years old. While my family thought it was physical activity, mold, and pollen that would cause it, I actually learned as I got older that emotional upsets, high sugar foods, and even artificial fragrances that were heavy in scent, cause me to have asthma attacks.

They at least contributed to the attacks, that much I know because often times they would be the only common denominator in an attack that I could pinpoint.
In addition to this the most recent negative reaction I’ve noticed is that when in close proximity to a really strong smelling chemical fragrance, such as a brand new car air freshener, or a strong dose of cologne or perfume on someone, I actually get nauseated.

There is speculation that people are becoming more and more allergic and intolerant of chemical fragrances because the exposure is so high. Often times the body develops allergies when it is bombarded with irritants like these airborne and often physical-contact chemicals that are thick in the air or even slathered on the skin in the form of a personal care product such as a deodorant, lotion or perfume.

There are actually more fragrance allergies than ever today, and science is speculating that the trend will only grow more severe as most companies (even many that make “natural” products) continue to use artificial fragrance in their products.

Most people are under the impression that you are born with allergies, but often times you actually develop them as you age.  That is what has happened to me. While I used to just be allergic to mold and certain types of plant pollen, my allergies have morphed into chemical sensitivities.

It has also had an effect on my previous enjoyment of these types of fragrances.  Now when I smell certain perfumes I used to consider pleasant, it actually produces a negative emotional reaction in addition to the lung and nasal irritation it often elicits.  I was actually happy to learn that age-related allergies and sensitivities like this are not uncommon.

One thing it assures me is that these chemicals will never again find their way into my beauty routine or my personal care product collection at home.  It’s a surefire way to get these toxic chemicals out of your life!

Danna Norek owns and operates AuraSensory.com, which offers natural hair and body care products, including an upcoming line of facial skin care.  All products contain absolutely NO artificial fragrances. 


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