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Inspired Living by Danna Norek
Inspired Living: Applying the “Law of Attraction” to Better Your Life | Print |  E-mail
Written by Danna Norek of Aura Sensory   

You’ve likely heard about the much-buzzed “Law of Attraction” by now.  The theory, which has been a basic tenet of motivational teachings for decades, regained popularity when the book “The Secret” was published in 2006.  The book recharged interest in self improvement through the power of personal thoughts.

While some of the teachings in the book are questionable to some, the basic idea that your thoughts guide the path your life takes are very much true.  Successful people throughout history have used these principles, even if they didn’t realize it.

Innovators, entrepreneurs, inventors and successful business men and women have one thing in common. They never let the world tell them that their ideas wouldn’t work. They kept soldiering on until they got a taste of success.

This initial taste of success likely fueled their desire to be successful to an even higher level and made it into an “itch that must be scratched”. One of the basic ideas of the “Law of Attraction” is that positive outcomes basically feed more positive action and further positive thoughts.

It is in the beginning phase of any endeavor where challenges seem most overwhelming. The first phase can also be where keeping your thoughts positive and actions productive can be the most difficult.

This is precisely where mastering your thoughts can have the most power though. For it is here, at the beginning of any endeavor, that your energies have the most power to catapult you to new creative heights.

When you have limited negative emotion, you have simultaneously “cleared out room” for creative and productive thoughts. It is here, at the beginning of any project or goal that you need the most creativity – at the conception of the idea, process or business creation.  

During this crucial time, you may want to minimize or eliminate your exposure to negativity. This can even mean limiting your access to world news, minimizing contact with negative people or other forces or environments in your life, and avoiding negative media (movies, television, etc.) for this period of time.  

Avoidance of all things negative means you can focus your positive, creative energies on furthering your ideas.  Emotions such as anger, jealousy and envy are also counterproductive and should be consciously avoided.

Instead of envying someone for having the things you desire, focus on feeling happy for them and realizing all the hard work and disappointment they’ve likely been through to get to where they are.  Anger is another destructive emotion as it clouds judgment and distracts you from your true purpose and passion.  

Have you ever known a negative person who seems to always be talking about how terrible their life is?  All of this conversation seems to only lead to more negativity in their life. It almost becomes a self fulfilling prophecy, because the story they are telling of their own life is almost always a negative one.  

Giving in to disappointment and setbacks is easy.  Instead of giving in, you can apply a process called “pivoting”. This is the concept of taking a negative experience and turning it into a learning experience, or thinking of the ways it can make you or your business venture better and/or stronger.

An example would be not getting a big account you’ve been wanting.  It may seem like a setback at first, but often times these little setbacks lead to more creative thinking and much more innovative ideas.  This is because setbacks “force” you to become more resourceful and to think outside of the box or at least outside of your normal comfort zone.

If you think back several years there are almost certainly events in your life where you were initially disappointed or even devastated.  However looking at these events retrospectively you usually can garner a silver lining, a lesson learned or something that spawned from the situation that was positive.

It can be hard for us to see this when disappointments occur initially.  Looking at every disappointment as another opportunity to be better is a talent that is hard to master but pays off in spades.  

Positive and affirmative thoughts about your capabilities will get you far.  Talent has something to do with success too. However, people who can apply the basic ideas behind the Law of Attraction are the ones who will find success most easily and get the most fulfillment out of life regardless of their level of talent.


Danna Norek is the Owner and Formulator of Aura Sensory, and is now writing the Inspired Living Column here at the ANB Mall.

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