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Inspired Living by Danna Norek
Inspired Living : Pumpkin Puree – Skin-Friendly, Delicious Winter Treat
Written by Danna Norek of Aura Sensory   

Pumpkin is an excellent food for our skin. Not only does it contain a lot of dietary fiber per serving, it also contains several vitamins and nutrients that are notoriously excellent for the health and vibrancy of our skin. Oh, and then there’s also the fact that pumpkin is ubiquitously tasty in a TON of different recipes. 

You often see pumpkin in shakes, ice cream flavors, fancy lattes at coffee houses, pastries and a variety of desserts.  And pumpkin pie, that holiday staple, is actually one of the healthiest pies (considering) that you can enjoy during the holidays due to its lower fat content and reasonable sugar content compared to other types of pies.

Beta carotene

Beta carotene is important for skin health, and is a potent antioxidant.  A diet rich in these types of antioxidants is excellent for keeping the skin healthy and supple since it helps to fight the free radicals that kill off healthy skin cells. It also helps mitigate the effect of the environmental stressors that the skin is exposed to day in and day out. 

Orange-colored fruits and veggies may even make your skin “glow” with that natural undertone of health and rosiness.

Studies have actually shown that those who eat lots of brightly colored orange veggies and fruits tend to have a healthier glow to their complexion proving that you really are what you eat when it comes to the health and beauty of your skin.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is also abundant in pumpkin puree. Vitamin C is essential for building collagen and maintain the underlying structure of the skin.  It also helps to fight off free radicals and to defend skin against those every day stressors and elements that destroy healthy skin cells. It also may provide another layer of defense against things like sun damage by providing the skin with an extra line of defense against cell mutation and hyperpigmentation at the cellular level.

Ways to incorporate pumpkin into your diet

A pumpkin smoothie (or shake) can be a real treat.  Try adding anywhere from a half a cup to a cup of the puree to a blend of greek vanilla or plain yogurt, ice, nutmeg and cinnamon.  Add some stevia for additional sweetness if needed and top off with a dollop of whipped topping or real whipped cream for a real treat!  Even better, add some skin-healthy pecans or walnuts to the top for some crunch and extra protein, not to mention a healthy dose of omega 3 fats.

Pumpkin butter can be a delicious and portable way to add some pumpkin to your diet.  You can add this to oatmeal or cereal in the morning, add a little to some ice cream or yogurt, or add it to pretty much anything else you can think of to add flavor and a great texture.  At just 80 calories a cup and 7 whopping grams of fiber, you’re doing your body a favor AND treating yourself to a delicious flavor.

You can make a wonderful coffee creamer our of pumpkin puree as well.  Using half and half, sugar or stevia, nutmeg & cinnamon (or just use pumpkin pie spice) and pumpkin puree to taste, you’ll add some much needed antioxidants to your morning cup of joe. You’ll want to puree this mixture in a food processor since the pumpkin is heavy and can tend to fall to the bottom of the coffee cup if not well blended.


Danna founded Aura Sensory products and the line includes an aluminum free deodorant, sulfate free hair care products and facial and body soaps and facial skin care products.

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