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Inspired Living by Danna Norek
Inspired Living : What are You Grateful for this New Year?
Written by Danna Norek of Aura Sensory   

I thought  of how everyone usually makes a New Year’s resolution, only to have it fade within a month. I’ve been guilty of this too, and I thought that this year rather than making a resolution that will fall by the wayside again, I would think of all the things I’ve been grateful for.  I feel like I have a lot of things in my life I’m grateful for, and by acknowledging them it’s kind of like saying to the universe that these things don’t go unnoticed. 

The simple act of gratitude, I believe, often brings on more positive things in one’s life.  I’ve seen this happen in my own life again and again. It is only when I start to realize how precious life is and how lucky and blessed I am to have the life I have, that good things begin to happen again. When you’re depressed, or letting silly things bother you, or are stuck in a negative thought pattern, this is when you tend to see a negative pattern develop in your life.

For this coming year of 2014, I’ve made it my mission to periodically just give thanks for the things that have gone well in my day. Even if this is something you speak out loud, or a thought or positive impulse you simply think of in your mind, it really does wonders for your outlook.  Not only that, it really does have a domino effect, and you start to see positive things happen in 2’s, 3’s and 4’s when you really start focusing on the things that are going right instead of the things that could use improvement.

The simple act of gratitude, whether spoken or thought, has a relaxing effect on the body.  When you think of the negative occurrences in your life, notice what your body does. Your stomach clenches, your heart speeds up, and your body generally feels tight and uncomfortable.

Positive, grateful thoughts result in the exact opposite. The body opens up, the muscles relax and your breath slows down.  This is the perfect example of the negative, destructive effect that stress and negative energy have on the physical body and it’s the very reason why positive thinking gets you so much further (and healthier).

I figured I would sign off this year with a short list of some of the things I’m most grateful for. 

Happy New Year everyone!

1.)  My health has been fantastic, and everyone I love is also in great health.
2.) My business is finally at the point where I can start paying off some of the debt incurred for starting it.
3.) I feel lucky and extremely grateful that I have a good job at a time when a lot of talented, hard-working people are having a hard time finding work.
4.) I just got to spend a fantastic Christmas with the family I love and my sister was able to make it home for the first Christmas in years.


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