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Gina Rafkind's Inspired Living Articles
Written by Gina Rafkind of VedaSun   

     I believe everyone on this earth has a goal to be happy. We search and search for what will take us to this happy place. Most of this treasure hunt is focused on outer circumstances, when the real treasure is found within.

    Have you ever said the following to yourself (fill in the blanks):

'If I only had _______, then I would be happy.'
'I'll be happy when I finally _____________.'
'I can't wait until ____________, then I know I will be happy.'

     When certain 'desired' outer circumstances happen to you, then yes, they can make you happy. But this type of happiness is only temporary. For instance, let's say you finally purchased your first home and you were happy - you actually felt ecstatic! But how long did that feeling last? How long did it take for you to have the desire to change something in your home? Something that you were not happy with anymore?

     Another example could be as simple as buying a new piece of clothing or eating that big piece of chocolate cake. Yes, you feel good about that new purchase or satisfied by eating that cake, but how long did that feeling last for you?

     All the examples above demonstrate certain life pleasures that satisfy you temporarily. These pleasures give you temporary happiness, but true happiness, also called joy, can only be found when you take the journey within.

     How do I know this? Through my life experiences, as well as observing the experiences of many others. I got married, finally became a home owner, bought things and satisfied my sweet tooth cravings, but all these outer things still did not give me lasting happiness. It wasn't until I developed some chronic health issues that I discovered where true joy resides.

     My challenges with anxiety and an autoimmune issue led me on an inner journey, an ongoing journey, that opened up a whole new dimension to my life. I discovered 5 key insights throughout the past several years that have helped me in connecting to that deeper part within - into the unchartered territory of my being where my quest of inner life mastery continues. 

Here are the 5 Key Insights to True Happiness:

1.  Present Moment Awareness - When we reside in the present moment, all of our mind stories fall away. We spend less time in the past and future and more time in the NOW. This is an important key to feeling true joy.

2.  Saying Yes to Life - Accept what is happening at this very moment, with no resistance, no matter if you like it or not. Accept and embrace what is. (resistance = suffering)

3.  Non-Attachment - This is a huge insight and I could write a book on this one topic alone. I think the most important thing to know is that you are whole just as you are, without adding any thoughts, material items, or people into your life. Once you feel this as truth, then you can enjoy material items, relationships and even your thoughts that pop up without having any emotional charge attached to them…..this is true joy!

4.  Connection to Spirit - Experience some form of connection to the spiritual realm, whatever that may be for you. Even if that is feeling oneness with nature, or feeling your inner body energy; this is another important key.

5.  Meditation - This is another topic I could write all day about :). This actually may be the most important insight of them all. Practicing meditation can bring all the above 4 insights into your life, among many other insights and life-enhancing benefits. When you begin to meditate, you will see at some point that your meditation starts to flow into your everyday activities. You will begin to sense a shift in how you live your life and your life will flow with more ease and be filled with more joy.

     By practicing the above 5 key insights every day, I experience less anxiety and make healthier, more nourishing choices for my body and mind.  I experience more joy now than before I developed the chronic health issues that  surfaced in my body. I would not change a thing. I hope in sharing this with you, that you may develop a desire to explore your inner realm and enjoy more peace and joy in your life, every day.


VedaSun empowers you to unleash your radiant inner being, and guides you to align this energy to your outer experiences to live your most vibrant life ever ~ a life of peace, joy and bliss ~ mixing in a little bit of fun along the way! Sign up for Gina's free report, Break~Out, Be~Free at http://www.VedaSun.com

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