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Gina Rafkind's Inspired Living Articles
Written by Gina Rafkind of VedaSun   

     Do you have a negative pattern or habit that you would like to rip to pieces, squish together in a ball and heave ho into a blazing, negative- habit-erasing fire?

     Is there a negative pattern or habit you have been repeating day after day, year after year and now feel that you are stuck with it forever?
Do you feel that this is just the way life is?

     I have a little secret for you.....you are not stuck with it! And if you truly desire something different, you can choose to change it. Life is whatever meaning you choose to give it and shifting negative habits will prove to you that your life can be meaning-full!

    Your life is truly what you make it to be. Your patterns, habits and thoughts contribute to what your life looks and feels like to you. A negative habit is fueled by negative thoughts, which are then turned into actions.

     Let's take this a step further. Think of your negative habit as a chronic action. When you perform this chronic action, it elicits certain vibrations. These vibrations manifest your life into what it is. Vibration is energy and energy can be changed! You can choose to think different thoughts, visualize what you want to change and improve upon your actions, thus changing your negative habits into new, positive actions.

Here is a 3 step process to shift a negative pattern or habit:

(Feel free to write your answers down as you move through the steps and questions - this can be very helpful.)

1.  Take a deep breath. Allow yourself a few moments to think about the negative pattern or habit you want to shift. When you think about that pattern or habit, what feelings surface for you? Is this the way you want to feel? Is this current pattern or habit helping you or hindering you from feeling and being the way you want to be?

2.  Now spend a few moments visualizing yourself acting in the complete opposite way of your negative habit. How does this feel? What shift is possible for you from this place? What is so important about this shift?

3.  From this empowered feeling and state of being, what is one small step you can implement today to move forward with this new vision and shift your negative habit?

     Whenever you find yourself wanting to engage in that negative habit, stop, take a deep breath, and connect in with the feelings that surfaced from the 3 step process above.

     Remember, this is a process, and if you fully commit to transforming your negative habits, you will succeed. Increased awareness of your feelings and actions will enable you to make empowering choices and allow you to give new meaning to your life. From this recovered freedom of choice, you can shift any negative habit you have into a positive one.  

     "A man of consciousness responds, and his responses are spontaneous. He is mirrorlike: he reflects whatsoever confronts him. And out of this spontaneity, out of this consciousness, a new kind of action is born. That action never creates any bondage, any karma. That action frees you. You remain a freedom if you listen to your nature."


VedaSun empowers you to unleash your radiant inner being, and guides you to align this energy to your outer experiences to live your most vibrant life ever ~ a life of peace, joy and bliss ~ mixing in a little bit of fun along the way! Sign up for Gina's free report, Break~Out, Be~Free at http://www.VedaSun.com.

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