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Inspired Living: Extra Baggage
Written by Gina Rafkind of VedaSun   

   Are you carrying around your past?

   I did - and still do sometimes - it's my work in progress. But it can be a bit destructive to the quality of your life if you are constantly thinking about, and therefore living in, your past. It becomes a heavy burden, carrying around some memories which still stir up emotions in the present moment. Such emotions can be guilt, resentment, fear, grief or anger. Of course the past has important experiences that we can visit briefly in our minds to learn from. But if we hang out there, unknowingly, we will relate to these feelings and they can take us over, becoming our identity.

   The key is to become aware of our thoughts. Our thoughts are what fuel our emotions. Many times an emotion will take us over, like a little monster. I can remember being in a great mood, then all of a sudden it switched, and I was feeling anxious in a matter of seconds. Now, due to the daily awareness practices I do, including meditation, I can catch myself once my mood changes and say to myself ‘what thought did I just have that caused such an emotion to swarm over me?’ I usually can think back to what ‘story’ was going on in my head and pin point the thought that caused the switch in my moods.

   There are some days when the stories in our heads are more prevalent than others. I find that when I start to slack off with doing my self care rituals, I tend not to be as present and I become more attached to the stories that creep back into my mind. Thus, it proves to me, once again, how important it is to take time out for ourselves every day. And by taking care and paying attention to our needs, we spend more time in the present moment and only take trips into the past when necessary and for shorter moments.

   I invite you to create your own rituals. Do something every day that fuels your soul. It may be going for a walk, journaling or taking a warm, relaxing aromatherapy bath. Do what ever it is that makes you FEEL really alive. Taking that time out for yourself every day will help you be more present in every moment and leave the unnecessary baggage behind.



Gina Rafkind, CPC
Certified Professional Coach
& Founder, VedaSun...inhale~enjoy~exhale

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