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Inspired Living: Mental Clutter ~ Do your thoughts have a grip on you?
Written by Gina Rafkind of VedaSun   

In the past few years, I have been doing a lot of inner work and have had some major shifts in the past few months. One being that I thought I had way too much going on in my life, which manifested in the form of overwhelming feelings and thoughts. But I realized that it’s my perception of my world that is giving me these feelings and I can change that perception. It is just a matter of looking at things differently.


What We Perceive, We Believe.

For example, do you have a completely unorganized junk drawer or closet that you have been wanting to clean out and organize? How do you feel when you open it up and look at it? Does a feeling of heaviness overcome you and a feeling of ‘ugh’ every time you open it up and look at it? This is what your thoughts do to you as well. A lot of times we just close that drawer or closet in disgust and say, ‘I’ll get to that another day.’ Out of sight, out of mind, right? Well, your thoughts work in the same way and the fact is that most of the time we are not aware of all these unconscious thoughts that clutter our mind.

For instance, let’s take another look at the cluttered drawer/closet example. Besides the emotions you feel when you look at that drawer, what thoughts go through your mind? Do any of these sound familiar:

‘I never get anything done around here.’

‘I’m worthless.’

‘My life is just a mess.’

‘I never have any time to do what I want to do.’


These thoughts enter our mind in a matter of seconds, without us even realizing it. Then we develop an emotion or symptom in our body as a result of these unconscious thoughts which could manifest as a headache, low energy, sadness, anger or an upset stomach.

We think over 60,000 thoughts everyday and they are usually the same thoughts over and over again.

Once I became aware of my daily thoughts, I found the above statement is absolutely true. Become aware of your own thoughts and you will see for yourself.


I heard Louisa Hay, author of You Can Heal Your Life say:


“Change your Thoughts and Change Your Life.”

I have been practicing this and it works. You can do it too. The first step is to choose to consciously become aware of your thoughts. When you decide to do this, in time you will begin to notice when your mind automatically starts to churn out those cluttering thoughts and something inside you will become aware of these thoughts. When you become more aware of them, your thoughts will not have the momentum they once had to take your over. You may notice as you develop this awareness that you have less stress and anxiety and a more positive outlook about your life. You may even notice some of your creative juices starting to flow and who knows, maybe a new adventure may unfold.


That is how I began my journey into Aromatherapy. My own thoughts used to take hold of me and I lived in a state of anxiety for quite a few years. In its acute stage, it was quite debilitating. As I developed awareness, my life took on a new form.


So here’s my challenge to you:

Set an intention to become aware of what you think about every day and then notice what happens.


VedaSun empowers you to unleash your radiant inner being, and guides you to align this energy to your outer experiences to live your most vibrant life ever ~ a life of peace, joy and bliss ~ mixing in a little bit of fun along the way! Sign up for Gina's free report, Break~Out, Be~Free at http://www.VedaSun.com.

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