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Paleo Living: From The Inside-Out - Get REAL About Detox and Adjustment [Part 1]
Trina Felber's Paleo Living Articles
Written by Trina Felber of Primal Life Organics   

The Truths about DetoxificationWe have all heard the word detox; a scary word associated mostly with abuse or over consumption of drugs or alcohol. In reality, it is a natural bodily function that occurs whenever a substance (good or bad) enters the body. The longer the exposure to a substance, the longer the detox timeframe. A short exposure also can lead to detox, but the timeframe may be shortened and the “effects” not as severe.

I will give an example from my background in anesthesia. I witness “detox” every day I practice.  Anesthesia is a foreign substance in your body- an alteration to your “normal” if you will. Once anesthesia is stopped, you slowly return to a conscious state. Physiologically, the drugs are metabolized and the concentration decreases. Most drugs and chemicals are lipophilic- they love fat. Drugs tend to like to accumulate in adipose (fat) tissue and just hang out there. The longer the drug exposure (anesthesia), the higher the levels of the drug in the adipose tissue. Equilibration occurs when the level in the blood stream is equal to the level in the adipose tissue.

Ok, the procedure is over, the drug is shut off or discontinued.  You wake up slowly, and feel groggy. Why??

FAT and body tissues- the more fat- the more drug that can distribute there.  The drug will “redistribute” over a period of time back into the bloodstream, to be metabolized and eliminated. This process can take 30 minutes or it can take hours. This is an example of the detox period- the period of time it takes for the body to remove the drug (or substance) and normalize. Everyone reacts differently during the detox period.

Now, lets talk about every day life. Daily, we are exposed to numerous toxins- some we can control, others we cannot. Environmental toxins are out of our immediate control (pollution, pollen). Controllable toxins include the food we eat and the things that come directly in contact with our skin. Food is easy- organic is best.  Anything in a box probably contains preservatives (neuro-toxins), gluten and sugar (yes- for all intents and purposes, sugar is a toxin. It causes chemical reactions that produce free radicals that cause cell death). Now, consider these every day products: shampoo, soap, toothpaste, shaving cream/lotion, after shave, make up, conditioner, styling agents, deodorant, body lotions… Even our water is not pure unless it is ultra purified.

Now consider the fact that most people use most of these products daily- even twice a day.  THAT is a lot of chemical exposure. Where do all of these chemicals go?? With repeat exposure, blood levels increase, natural redistribution occurs (remember that adipose tissue- Chemical housing!), equilibration occurs.

Today, a well know, rapidly growing group of society (primals) is questioning the consequences from mega doses of daily toxin exposure and quickly looking for natural, toxin free alternatives.  What happens…

Diet changes. We learn very quickly that what we eat is very important. After prolonged exposure to the wrong types of food, the body needs to heal in order to function optimally… And optimal function is our goal!  Our skin also will NOT look its best until our insides, our core, our gut, is healthy and functioning effectively. Changing the diet can have immediate results. You can instantly feel and look better. Why? You are supplying your body with proper, easily digestible, nutrient dense food – in the correct form.  BUT- WHAT IS REALLY HAPPENING??  Why, three weeks after eating whole, organic foods does your skin look lifeless- even congested and broken out.  Why did you develop that nasty rash?  And what happened to your energy- you were flying high when this new lifestyle started- but now? You feel lifeless and discouraged!!!

HOLD ON- I THINK I CAN EXPLAIN!!!  Remember all that fat??? Remember how it LOVES to hold onto things? Here is just another reason to keep fat to a normal level because the more fat you carry, the longer your detox period will take!

People are very brainwashed into thinking problems should be fixed now. That does not happen by mistake!!  Big Pharm WANTS you to believe this!!!

When you heal from the inside out- don’t expect instant results. It won’t happen. Yes, you may “feel” instantly better from proper nutrition, however, toxins and chemicals are typically stored in adipose (fat) tissue. Laws of concentration-distribution-redistribution define exactly how long it will take for the toxins to migrate out of the fat, to the liver/kidneys and be broken down and eliminated in the urine and feces. This is actually a built-in safety mechanism from nature. If ALL the toxins immediately redistributed from the fat tissue, your blood concentration could be toxic- causing even more damage. A healthy chemical detox should occur over six months- therefore, everyone will experience results and physical adjustments differently, depending on prior practices related to nutrition and skincare as well as activity and metabolism. Yes, metabolic rate will effect detox too!

The adjustment period is different from the detox period although they happen simultaneously and can be difficult to distinguish. As mentioned, detox can take 6 months (or longer). Chemicals and toxins are slowly released from adipose tissue, metabolized, and eliminated by the body. Elimination can occur through the liver, lungs, kidneys, bowels and the skin. You may feel dehydrated (drink lots of water during detox) or your energy level may swing from high to low (eat plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables and fermented foods)!  You may experience diarrhea or constipation as toxins are eliminated. Externally, you may experience acne- like never before!  You may develop a rash, or itching, or dry skin, eczema, psoriasis or anything unusual! This occurs as the toxins are being eliminated by the skin and this is all normal!  One major function of the skin is to eliminate toxins!! Congested skin cannot eliminate toxins as effectively.

Symptoms of detox may occur- then disappear- then reappear again, multiple times during the detox process. Keep in mind that new eating habits can also cause some of these same symptoms and the less toxins we carry, the better our body functions and the better it will react to new foods. Toxins can suppress our natural response and immune system. Yes, even the immune system will incur an adjustment period!

Remember- lab made chemicals can cause cell dysfunction and mutation. These cells will not function as parent cells did- and may not function at all.

…to be continued next month!


Trina Felber, RN, BSN, MSN, CRNA, CEO Primal Life Organics

Primal Life Organics offers Face, Body, Hair, Makeup, Baby and Dental Products - All 100% Chemical and Preservative Free.
We make skincare that will improve your health. The product you receive is a fresh, all-natural product, that will nourish your skin and hair from the outside. 




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