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Whole Living: A More Zen-like Approach to Health & Skin Care
Shirley Makela's Whole Living Articles
Written by Shirley Makela of Alki Organix   

Zen-Like Skin CareIn the quest for beautiful skin we are often told we must subject our skin to harsh treatments, abrasives, or isolated nutrients pharmaceuticals or chemicals in the quest of beauty.  Then when our skin still doesn't look or feel like we want it to, we search for yet another treatment that will make it “behave”.  I do a lot of reading on ingredients for skin care and I recently researched a new ‘miracle’ ingredient for skin and was amazed to learn it was derived from a poison that can actually kill you!  How is this good for you?  Even among natural products there are different approaches – they can be gentle or aggressive as well, and while I fully agree with a whole food approach to skin care I am fully cognizant that natural does not necessarily mean gentle and non-toxic.   In my more philosophical moments I wonder if we buy into this because we are at battle with ourselves.  We haven’t learned to love ourselves.  But, that’s another topic altogether!

  For the best care for the health of our skin I would like to suggest that a better way is a more Zen-like approach to skin care. Rather than doing battle with your skin nurture it and work with it not against it. Give it what it needs, eat a diet that nurtures your overall health and be gentle and loving with your skin!  It will love you back. In short; a more Zen-like approach!

One of the biggest changes, and best changes I made for both my health and skin was changing from the idea of doing battle with my body to loving and nurturing it more, enjoying delicious healthy food that creates the environment for health and to a more positive, Zen-like skin care routine as well.  My Alki Organix products are based on routines and products I first made and used for myself in search of that healthier more Zen-like approach.   

 For example I switched to oil cleansing years ago when I realized that harsh cleansers made my face dry and irritated. I still use a gentle soap in the shower – but not for my face. Why oil rather than soap or cleansers for face? First, when you think about cleansing what you want is to cleanse the oils & day’s dirt from your skin. Water doesn’t dissolve oil, that’s why soap is used – but oil dissolves oil.  In cleansing you want to dissolve the built up oils and remove the layer of dead skin that can clog pores.  You can do this with harsh cleansers and abrasives – or – you can use the more Zen like approach using oil.  It gently cleanses your skin as no cleanser can. Even oily skin benefits from oil cleansing rather than harsh cleansers.

 Honey was another ingredient I’ve used for years, it is calming and incredibly moisturizing for skin.  I incorporate honey into all my formulas because of its gentle effectiveness.  Mixed with oil it cleanses beautifully, dissolves makeup and dirt, and unclogs pores.  When I discovered Manuka honey its additional skin nourishment and incredibly gentle exfoliation amazed me!  My skin glowed; it was soft, radiant and healthy looking.  Others agree and my Manuka Honey Facials, Honey & Roses with rosehip, Honey & Avocado are my best sellers. Because there are no harsh abrasives, no drying ingredients they can be used daily and they truly fit the Zen-like approach.  

 Why Honey? Honey is just plain incredible for skin.  It is a natural moisturizer that is just incredible – it’s said that Cleopatra’s milk & honey baths were her secret to beauty.  Honey is a humectant, it draws moisture to your skin. It has incredible antioxidant and antibacterial properties. I haven’t come across a skin type that honey doesn’t benefit from aging to acne prone and Manuka honey, made by bees pollinating the Tea Tree bushes is even more effective for skin.  Considered a medicinal honey,  Manuka Honey has a mild alpha-hydroxy acid that gently dissolves and removes dead skin for the easiest, gentlest, most incredible exfoliation you’ve ever experienced.  You can use  it daily, because it’s not harsh abrasives that scrape at your skin, it only removes dead skin if it’s there!   If you haven’t tried oil cleansing or honey for your skin yet, you are missing out on one of nature’s most incredible gifts!

 Take a more Zen-like approach to your health, and your skin care. Your body loves you, love your body in return, It will reward you!

 Here's To Our Health!

Shirley Makela, AADP INHC


Alki Organix

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