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Whole Living: The Importance of Magnesium For Beautiful Skin
Written by Shirley Makela of Alki Organix   

getting magnesium for good healthWhen I look at skin health I look not only at the best ways to care for skin, but also what foods and nutrients are most important.  What we eat has as much impact on skin health than what we put on it. 

 Magnesium is one of the most important minerals for our health, and for healthy skin. A diet rich in vital magnesium also helps skin stay supple and wrinkle free because the enzymes that assist with DNA replication require the antioxidants in magnesium to work effectively.  Magnesium deficiency can also be linked to skin allergies, and eczema.   Magnesium, in conjunction with potassium and calcium,  is essential for strong bones and muscles, it  is also critical for heart health, blood pressure, and even for preventing migraines.  And if you are finding you aren’t sleeping well getting enough magnesium could be a great help.  But sadly the bad news is that industrial farming is producing food that is less rich in this vital mineral (because magnesium levels in soils are depleted by the practice)  compounded by diets that may be heavy in processed foods many of us are not getting the magnesium our bodies need.  

 The good news is; getting the magnesium you need is not hard or expensive.  Nuts and seeds, especially Pumpkin seeds and Sesame seeds are excellent sources, as are Chia seeds. Nuts like Brazil Nuts, Almonds and Pistachios are also excellent sources.   Adding any dark green leafy vegetables to your diet is always a good idea, and greens like spinach, chard,

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beet greens, are good choices.   Kidney, Lima, Pinto, Northern, and Black beans are also good sources, as are whole grains like Teff, Quinoa and Amaranth. Dried fruits like Apricots, Prunes, Dates, and Raisins can increase your magnesium as can avocados and oranges.  Also great news for some of us is that dark chocolate is a good source!  Choosing organically grown fruits and vegetables is important – but whatever you choose actually eating more of these foods rather than processed foods is important. 

 But – getting magnesium through diet is not the only method.  Our skin absorbs magnesium as well, and some say this is one of the best methods to get the magnesium your body needs.  One method is to use Magnesium oil, which is not actually ‘oil’ but magnesium chloride dissolved in water. It’s a great source of magnesium, I’ve tried it, though must admit I am not a huge fan of this method.  However,  I am a huge fan of Epsom Salt! Not only is it inexpensive, but a bath in Epsom Salt can relieve tired muscles AND provide your body with this vital mineral.  I also like to soak my tired feet in Epsom Salt. When I do this I not only get a dose of magnesium, but it helps to soften my feet and I sleep like a baby afterward!

If you want to take great care of your skin, or if you are suffering from skin allergies or even eczema consider the importance of magnesium!


Here's To Our Health!

Shirley Makela, AADP INHC


Alki Organix


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Alki Organix: Truly Natural Skin Care in Partnership with Nature  - Skin care based on organic and wildcrafted cold or expeller pressed oils and whole natural ingredients and featuring incredibly effective skincare with Certified Bio-Active Manuka Honey.  Artisan crafted in the beautiful Skagit Valley in Washington state by Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Shirley Makela, Alki Organix is dedicated to providing the most effective, natural skin care possible 100% free of chemicals and preservatives. 


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