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Enjoy our unique articles written by those that love sharing their vast experience in the natural beauty and health fields with you.

Eco Living

by Li Wong

   The earth is our home and we believe in treating it respectfully. Be kind to yourself, your neighbors and our animal friends by living an eco-friendly lifestyle.

Li teaches us how to live a 'conscious' life by making simple daily choices that make a difference. Her style is one of helpfulness as opposed to lecturing. We can all make a difference.

See All of Li's Articles

About Li Wong - (http://solarkateco.blogspot.com/)- BA, MS, Li is also the ANB’s Eco Living and DIY Natural Beauty Formulating Expert. Learn More

Whole Living

by Shirley Makela

   With a renewed sense of purpose, people are seeing that when it comes to living a healthy life, wholeness matters. Whole ingredients are the way to get the most impact whether it's your diet or your skin care.

   Shirley is passionate about living a whole lifestyle every day. She will share her insights into key ways to nourish the body to affect your beauty care as well as nourish the skin to generate good health.

About Shirley Makela (Alki Organix) - AADP Certified Holistic Health Coach

Paleo Living

by Trina Felber

   The earliest civilizations used it, and so should we. It's another way of staying healthy by choosing nature over man-made. Without going back to cave-dwelling, you can live a paleo lifestyle and be happy.

   Trina brings her nursing experience into her articles as she teaches us how we can benefit by thinking like our ancestors to live healthy, satisfying lives.

About Trina Felber (Primal Life Organics) - RN, BSN, MSN, CRNA, CEO of Primal Life Organics


Healthy Living

by Pat White

  We all want to be healthy, that's a given. But we're not always doing what we should to keep ourselves that way. Sometimes we just need to be inspired with easy tips and ideas.

  Pat's nursing background makes her the perfect choice to write this column for us. She will give us strategies for a long and happy life. The first step is learning how to make the necessary changes.

About Pat White (Essential Body Pleasures) -MSN, PMh, NP-BC, Clinical Aromatherapist


Completed Columns:

Beautiful Living

Dr. Shanesha Brooks-Tatum  

Pennie Mills


Beautiful Living: Obviously when you come to a site called the 'All Natural Beauty Mall' (ANB Mall), you expect to learn about completely natural beauty care. But we believe that a beautiful 'life' includes beauty care, and so much more. Your life is what you make it. We think it should be beautiful!

    Shanesha and Pennie show us how we can incorporate more beauty into our all-natural lifestyle every day. Whether you are new to all-natural beauty care, or a die-hard purist, learn how to expand your horizons and improve your daily routine to add more beauty than you've ever imagined.

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About Dr. Shanesha Brooks-Tatum - Ph.D

About Pennie Mills -


Inspired Living

Danna Norek

Gina Rafkind


   Inspired Living: Living an 'inspired' life means to live with purpose and power. Tapping into that power is what makes us each unique and brings inner joy. This is what living an 'inspired life' is all about.

   Danna and Gina provide us with the basics to enjoy our lives to the fullest through positivity and joy. Living to one's fullest potential makes for a happy and satisfying existence.

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About Danna Norek (Aura Sensory) -

About Gina Rafkind (Veda Sun) -

What Makes this Mall Different?

     The short story:  The anb Mall provides you with quality vendors & manufacturers that provide earth-friendly, natural and organic products and services.  We proudly offer you a safe place to shop, from the comfort of your own home. You'll also find interesting and informative reading about all-natural beauty care and much more.

     The thorough explanation:  This mall is the natural progression of sites within the 'all natural beauty' family. It all began in 2003 with the launch of the original 'all natural beauty' website. This site is still available today at allnaturalbeauty.us and includes many amazing vendors and manufactures in the U.S. that offer completely all-natural products. We even offer service providers that use all-natural products. Along with this directory, the site is loaded with helpful information including glossaries, articles and homemade beauty recipes. Three years later we created the anb Portal site.  This site includes even more vendors and manufacturers, as well as service providers, from around the world.  This dynamic site also includes membership and more interactive features. You can find this site at anbPortal.com

     Our criteria for those listed on these two sites have always been quite strict.  Those with chemical sensitivities, and those looking for completely pure, unadulterated products have been quite pleased with these standards and have been very loyal over the years. We consider all-natural products to be those that contain ingredients in their natural state. Basically, the products could be made in one's kitchen.  While these products are what we consider absolutely pure, we realize that there are other ingredients out there that have certain advantages when it comes to effectiveness in some formulations. In this day and age, where cosmetic chemists are working overtime on creating 'naturally derived' ingredients (ingredients that are created from natural substances), we feel it's time to widen our horizons and celebrate a broader range of products in the anb Mall.

     Will we still be selective about who you'll find on our site? Absolutely!  But your choices have just expanded.  We base our criteria of store ownership on consumer friendliness, high quality products and services, and earth consciousness.  This is not yesterday's mall where anyone that makes a beauty product will be admitted.  This mall is for those with a conscience, making products for all the right reasons. Enjoy your new options!


 Space & Advertising Information

Criteria for opening a store in this mall: You must operate a consumer-friendly store that sells earth-friendly, natural or organic products. Our mall is focused on beauty, but you don't have to sell beauty products exclusively. Beauty falls into many categories, and if your products are for the home, garden or office, that's okay, as long as they fall into the earth-friendly, natural and organic realm. We check every store before acceptance, and we judge your business based on whether we believe your store to be useful to our shoppers and within the guidelines mentioned. We look forward to hearing more about your store.  

Learn how you can open your own store in the anb Mall. Send us information about your business including your url if you have one. If you are a new business or do not have your own website yet, you may be interested in our 1-page template site. This may also be added to a shopping cart so that you can sell products. All businesses: Please contact us by sending your email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Learn about advertising on the anb Mall site. We're always interesting in promoting companies that we feel are selling great natural products and services. To find out which type of advertising opportunities we presently have available and what our rates are, please send us an email. Make sure to give us the name of your company, a brief description of what you offer as well as your url. Send to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it


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