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Spring e-allnatural!




Learn which types of fats you should be using and which to avoid.

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by Shirley Makela








The down side to eating sugar is... it's not good for your skin.

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by Shirley Makela


The best kind of diet would be one where you listen to your heart.

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by Shirley Makela





Why would anyone want poison... in their tooth-paste!

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by Trina Felber









After the adjustment there's a bright spot... good health.

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by Trina Felber


The facts are scientific, removing chemicals is a long, slow process.

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by Trina Felber





Want good skin? Then learn to skin basics... and do them every day.

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by Pat White









What you've always wanted to know about Coconut Oil.

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by Pat White


Reduce your stress...  the Ayurvedic way, according to your type.

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by Pat White



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Shirley Makela

Do More, and Feel Better with Less in 2015
By Trina Felber - of Primal Life Organics
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How to Grow Your Own Beauty Products
By Sharon Houghton - of SharAmbrosia All Natural Spa Store
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New Product Spotlights from Alki Organix

We love to share our thoughts on our vendors' products...

Hot Chocolate Balm
Alki Organix
Wonderful & Warming
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Fruit & Nut Balm
Alki Organix
Light & Rich...
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Gardening Hands Balm
Alki Organix
Mend those Dry Hands!
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A Question from Rita - Answered by Li Wong

Question for Li Wong

How Can I Make a Citrus Blend that Lasts Longer?...
Question: "I have been currently researching herbs for their natural scents and interested in the formulation of my own natural scents for solid and oil perfumes.

I know what I like, at least what my nose likes.

In my oil infusions, I have used many kinds of citrus fruits as well as many tradition types of herbs. I like the oils I have created, however, the citrus scents do dissipate much faster. I can mix say, vanilla oil and grapefruit in a ceramic dish and let set for over two weeks and the smell is still very strong, yet when placed on my skin, it dissipates within a few minutes, only lasting about 10 minutes. The vanilla of course lasts, but the citrus smell is very gone.

After reading a lot about resins in plants, I can only guess that it is the resinous part of the plants that help fragrances last longer. And I think I read that resins are used as fixatives in perfumes.

Am I on the right track ? Can you offer some sound advice on how to fix citrus smells into my oil infusions? Or suggest a great resin that isn't over powering that I can use a small amount to fix my citrus blends?


Answer: "Hi Rita

Thanks for the question!

Sometimes it helps if you make the citrus scent stronger. To increase the scent of an herb infused oil, you can Continued 


Join the Zero Adversity Club - w/Michael Russ!

You know Michael Russ as the distributor or one of our favorite sun care lines, MelanSol®. He's also the author of Zero Adversity, a new book that can help you reach your fullest potential in all areas of your life. Find your power with Michaels's uplifting message of positively and courage.

Join today for free and get a short inspirational video every Monday!

Go to http://www.MichaelJRuss.com

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 More Good Reading from ANB

More Great Springtime Reading!

We offer many fabulous Homemade Beauty Recipes: Learn More

Flower Waxes
Jeanne Rose

Turning the essence of a Flower into a Solid
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What Your Nose Knows
Alexandra Avery

Why Aromatherapy is so Important
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What is Effective Skincare?
Shannon Schroter

It's more than you think
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Ways to Use Herbs in Beauty Care
Li Wong

Beautify... Naturally
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Making and Using All-Natural Beauty Scrubs
Sharon Houghton

Soft skin made easy
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The Abundant Oat Plant
Lynda Parkhurst

Such a spectacular ingredient!
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Infusing Oils with Herbs and Flowers

For Use in Salves, Balms & Cosmetics
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