The Importance of the Right Domain Name

What would a website or blogspot be without it’s domain name? It would be a long number. Truly, that’s what it would be. Every website has it’s own unique IP address (the long number). Can you imagine driving through a community, looking for a long number on a business instead of it’s name? Fortunately we don’t need to write down or remember the number because sites use ‘domain names’ to lead us to their site instead. The power of a great domain cannot be overestimated.

That’s why SharAmbrosia got into the domain business early. In case you didn’t know, SharAmbrosia is the company that owns and operates ‘The All Natural Beauty Website’. This is a site dedicated to natural beauty and wellness. “Domain names excite me.” says Sharon Houghton, owner of SharAmbrosia, “I purchased the domain many years ago and it’s truly paid off. Why? Because it states everything the site is about, and it uses important key words used in SEO. The best part though, is that it’s memorable. These are the keys when choosing great domains for your website.”

What is Organic Web Care?

Selecting the name, Organic Web Care (, for SharAmbrosia’s ‘internet tools’ business was also a sound decision. The name uses the perfect words to form the essence of the business. It also serves SharAmbrosia’s mission to teach people about a better, healthier way to live. Organic Web Care offers its customers everything they need to run their internet life, including domain registration, web hosting, email services, etc… with an organic twist. The site is set up so that anyone the enjoys nature will feel at home there. It just makes sense to run your internet business in a place with like-minded individuals. It also makes it a more enjoyable experience for non-techie types (although tech-types will love it too).

Things just got even Better

With the inclusion of the new domain auction, Organic Web Care just became a one-stop ‘domain shopping experience’! Have you ever been to an auction? It can be fun and rewarding. OWC Auctions is no exception. “We specialize in natural beauty and wellness names that will get businesses and bloggers noticed. But that’s not where it ends. You’ll also find other types of domains related to technology, science, and even the automotive industry! If you are a domain speculator, you will love the ‘Cannabis-related’ and ‘Smart’ domains. “We see the future here at Organic Web Care… and it’s Green!” says Sharon, “We’ll be adding new domains every week. Many of the domains have been registered and unavailable to the public for well over a decade. My advice is to keep watching this site.”

How to Become a Bidder

There are some rules when becoming a bidder, first of which you must be at least 18 years old and a U.S. citizen. But if you meet these two requirements you’re welcome to sign up. It costs just one dollar and it’s just a one-time fee. This enables you to have your own account and to bid on all public auctions. Anyone can come and take a look, but only registered bidders may stake their claim. Interested? Become a Bidder

You’re always Welcome at OWC Auctions

Whether you’re starting a business, or already own one, OWC Auctions is going to be your haven for domains. As a general rule, the domains offered are much lower than most premium domains offered elsewhere. But you never know when you’ll find one that is extremely undervalued. Timing is everything when it comes to auctioning and the more you visit, the better your chances are of scoring a really awesome domain! If you work with natural beauty and/or wellness professionals you’ll be happy to know that an affiliate program is available.

Don’t just think about it, stop by for a visit today. See you at the auction!

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