Jeanne Rose Herbal BodyWorks
January 06,2019

Jeanne Rose Herbal BodyWorks

If you are someone that has a passion for all-natural beauty and wellness, you will love the writings of Jeanne Rose. Ms Rose is a true pioneer in the field of all-natural beauty & wellness care, writing over 30 books in her vast career. She offers indepth education through her online courses as well as her live seminars. Please make sure to visit the Jeanne Rose Website to enjoy the many writings and amazing products of this herbal legend. Enjoy Jeanne Rose’s ‘free’ blog, supported by Eden Botanicals, where you’ll find profiles on over 45 essential oils as well as special blog posts on Seaweed, Baths, and CO2 items.


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San Francisco, California, USA
About Us Jeanne Rose is the founder of New Age Creations, the first body-care company in the United States to use aromatherapy (since 1967). She is the Director of the Institute of Aromatic Studies, principal tutor of both the Herbal Studies Course and the Aromatherapy Studies Course - Practitioner by home-study. She brings 40 years of experience and personal research in her practice of Aromatherapy.
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