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The Royal Berkey - Clean Fresh Water!

Big Berkey Water Filtration Systems


Review by Sharon We learned a long time ago that drinking water out of the tap is 'unpredictable' at best. No matter where you live, the water is likely to have

The Mansion on Main - Organic Salon & Spa

The Mansion on Main – Organic Salon and Spa


Do you know what a palindrome is? A palindrome is a word, number, sentence, or verse that reads the same backward or forward. Last Friday, was 8-10-18. I'm not sure exactly


Banana MIY Recipe for Dry Skin

SharAmbrosia Banana Facial Masque


This is a wonderful softening and firming treatment in one that is wonderful for any skin, especially dry or mature complexions. Ingredients: 1 ripe ripe Banana •1 T Honey •1/2 teaspoon Jojoba oil •1 T

Ginger Skin Cream Recipe

Ginger Skin Cream


Ginger invigorates, and oil soothes. Try this double dose for dry skin. Ingredients: •2-inch piece of fresh ginger •2 teaspoons light sesame oil •2 teaspoons apricot kernel oil •2 teaspoons vitamin E oil •½ cup