Orange & Clove Aromatic Decor


"I LOVE the scent of Oranges and Cloves! The mixture of the two, perhaps along with a burning log or two in the fireplace, brings about a deep sense of

Using Aromatherapy to get rid of Headache

Aromatherapy for Natural Headache Relief


Many types of headaches are amenable to natural headache relief methods. Since the causes vary, the aromatherapy remedy will also vary. Sinus Headaches: We have found that a combination of several different

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Tobacco Vanilla Rose Botanical Perfume from Organic Perfume Girl

Tobacco Vanilla Rose Artisan Botanical Perfume from Organic Perfume Girl


Lounging comfortably in the over-sized, well-worn leather chair, she gazed about the ancient library. Beautiful wooden book shelves climbed every wall, warmly lit up with the flickering light of the


Winter Skin Care Ideas From Maine


           Usually this week is the coldest one of the winter.   But, Mother Nature is still showing us all over the country how fickle she can be.  We've had

DIY Elder Berry Syrup from The Rosemary House


The Rosemary House Website: Be Healthy this winter and throughout the cold and flu season! This easy to make elder berry syrup is perfect for keeping your immune system happy and strong all