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Healthy Beauty by Dr. Samuel Epstein, MD Review

Healthy Beauty by Samuel S Epstein MD


Reviewed by Sharon 'Healthy Beauty is simply a must-read for anyone that cares about their health. We all use beauty and grooming products in our

The Royal Berkey - Clean Fresh Water!

Big Berkey Water Filtration Systems


Review by Sharon We learned a long time ago that drinking water out of the tap is 'unpredictable' at best. No matter where you live, the water is likely to have


Banana MIY Recipe for Dry Skin

SharAmbrosia Banana Facial Masque


This is a wonderful softening and firming treatment in one that is wonderful for any skin, especially dry or mature complexions. Ingredients: 1 ripe ripe Banana •1 T Honey •1/2 teaspoon Jojoba oil •1 T

Ginger Skin Cream Recipe

Ginger Skin Cream


Ginger invigorates, and oil soothes. Try this double dose for dry skin. Ingredients: •2-inch piece of fresh ginger •2 teaspoons light sesame oil •2 teaspoons apricot kernel oil •2 teaspoons vitamin E oil •½ cup