Natural Beauty Basics

Whole Living: You Are Beautiful

In my business making and selling natural skin care products I talk to a lot of people about skin care, I do continuous research, read posts in various groups that

Inspired Living: Keeping Your Hair in Top Shape During the Dry Winter Months

The recycled, stale air we are often exposed to in the winter time here in Northeast Ohio can really dry out not only your skin but your hair as well. 



Ambergris (Updated and Collected Info) I have been collecting Ambergris samples and Ambergris information for years and here is an update. We use it in the Natural Botanical Perfumery class. Description Ambergris gets it's


Never Enough Thyme – Staying Well with Herbs

‘There is something going around’ and it has landed here in full force! Not completely sure if it entered through the shop maybe on a dollar bill or perhaps it

Rosemary Gladstar

A Day with Rosemary…

A Day with Rosemary… I was recently privileged to attend a daylong seminar with the legendary herbalist, author and teacher, Rosemary Gladstar. Honestly, I would have gone no matter what lessons