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What Can I do to Get Rid of Age Spots?


Q: "Hi there, I would like your ideas about using essential oils to get rid of age spots. I have two kinds: flat and light brown areas of increased pigmentation, and

What would be the Correct Liquid to Powder Ratio when Making My Beauty Formulations?


Q: "My question is that I was wondering what the liquid to powder ratio would be as my packaging doesn't tell me just the % of powder to use in a

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Rejuva Minerals Mega Lash Mascara Review

Rejuva Minerals MEGA LASH Mascara


Review by Sharon Easy Peezy to get Gorgeous Full Lashes?... YES! Not only did I get full, long, sexy lashes with Rejuva Minerals

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How can I Preserve Witch Hazel?


Q: "Thank you for your informative article response regarding infusing witch hazel extract with dry herbs. I noticed you said the shelf life of a witch hazel with alcohol in it would

Learn About Carrier Oils from Jeanne Rose

Carrier Oils? – A Synopsis


Buy local and sustainable within 100 miles of where you live, and then if this is not possible, buy what grows within your state or country. It is not ecological