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Heart Mask from Naked Soul

Naked Soul HEART Exotic Rose Tight Mask


Review by Sharon The sweet scent of Rose gives me a deep sense of warm satisfaction. The feeling comes from a timeless place, where memories stir in mere milliseconds. Naked Soul

The Herbal Body Book by Jeanne Rose

Herbal Body Book by Jeanne Rose


Reviewed by Sharon 'If I was only allowed to have one beauty book, this is the one I'd choose'. Huge statement... I know! But this


Lavender Powder Beauty Recipe

Lavender Body Powder Recipe from Jeanne Rose


Body Powder Lavender For Men and Women Ingredients: • 2 oz. Lavender, PO (I use a mulinex coffee grinder to powder herbs) • 2 oz. fine *Montana talc or any other unscented


SPA - Salud Per Aqua by Jeanne Rose

SPA – Salud Per Aqua


SPA at Home - Health Through Water The importance of essential oils and hydrosols is not that they occur in products or product making or in the SPA, but the foundations

Learn how to get a professional massage

Receiving a Professional Massage 101


The feeling that you have at the end of a great massage experience is pure bliss. I say 'massage experience' because the whole experience of