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Product Spotlight on Naked Soul Aligned Sea Kelp Night Serum

Naked Soul Aligned Sea Kelp Night Serum

Review by Sharon - They had me at 'Sea Kelp'... but oh they just wouldn't stop. Naked Soul Aligned Sea Kelp Night Serum is packed with potent properties geared for skincare

Goddess Face and Eye Cream from Naked Soul

Naked Soul Goddess Exotic Face and Eye Cream

Review by Sharon - "She walks upon the earth with beauty and grace, enjoying Naked Soul's Goddess upon her eyes and face." Okay, so maybe I'm not a poet, but you


How Did Alice Manage to Last this Long?

Q: Is there a perfect preservative, either natural or synthetic, for cosmetics and personal care products? A: No. Is this an unsatisfactory, disappointing, unacceptable, infuriating answer? In this day and age, can’t


Never Enough Thyme – Staying Well with Herbs

‘There is something going around’ and it has landed here in full force! Not completely sure if it entered through the shop maybe on a dollar bill or perhaps it

Rosemary Gladstar

A Day with Rosemary…

A Day with Rosemary… I was recently privileged to attend a daylong seminar with the legendary herbalist, author and teacher, Rosemary Gladstar. Honestly, I would have gone no matter what lessons