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What is the Best Recipe for Using Lemon for My Face?


Q: "I have always wanted to try lemon on my face to help with my dark spots and acne but I have been not told use it. I have been told

What is the Best Method for Infusing Heather Blossoms into Soap?


Q: "I am interesting in making an infusion using heather blossom flowers and was wanting to know which would be the best method in doing it. I was using a heather

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Rejuva Minerals Age Defying Liquid Foundation

Rejuva Minerals Age Defying Liquid Foundation


Review by Sharon It's so good... I can't even see it! That's exactly what we're all looking for when we seek out an effective foundation. Rejuva Minerals' Age Defying Foundation goes

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Eco Living: Essential Oil Storage


Here are a few tips on how to store and extend the shelf life of essential oils and other aromatic ingredients, such as absolutes, CO2 extracts, and oleoresins. To prevent

How can I Preserve Witch Hazel?


Q: "Thank you for your informative article response regarding infusing witch hazel extract with dry herbs. I noticed you said the shelf life of a witch hazel with alcohol in it would