Natural Wellness

Shedding Some Light On… Light!


When we think of happy, we use terms that suggest light. We call a happy mood or countenance “bright” and “sunny.” We speak

Honey for Beauty & Wellness

High Praise for Honey in Beauty and Wellness Care


Honey is a superfood in every way, deserving high honors and praise. Besides being an exquisite-tasting natural alternative for sugar, it offers incredible beauty care, wellness care and even emergency


Winter Skin Care Ideas From Maine


           Usually this week is the coldest one of the winter.   But, Mother Nature is still showing us all over the country how fickle she can be.  We've had


How Did Alice Manage to Last this Long?


Q: Is there a perfect preservative, either natural or synthetic, for cosmetics and personal care products? A: No. Is this an unsatisfactory, disappointing, unacceptable, infuriating answer? In this day and age, can’t

Make Your Own Flu Fighter Potion and Prevent Viral Invasion!


Elderberry could quite possibly be the most perfect flu-season berry. After all, elderberries contain compounds that inhibit the flu virus enzyme from even penetrating the cell membrane. If the virus