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Orange & Clove Aromatic Decor

“I LOVE the scent of Oranges and Cloves! The mixture of the two, perhaps along with a burning log or two in the fireplace, brings about a deep sense of joy for me. It says that time has slowed down, and I need to as well. These are the holiday scents that help to stir emotions not felt at other times of the year.”

To Make: Poke small holes throughout a fresh orange and embed dried whole cloves. Leave them in a dish on a sunny window sill where loved ones stroll by often. To strengthen the scent, add a few drops of Orange or Clove essential oil to the peels. The scent will waft through the room, making it a place everyone will want to be. Enjoy!

  • Sharon H.
Sharon Houghton Contributor
Sharon Houghton Contributor
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