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I see why they call this ‘Essential’! I’ve always been partial to beginning my skincare regimen with a good milky cleanser. They feel so luxurious, they massage into the skin so nicely, and they’ve always suited my skin for deep cleansing (even when I had oily skin). The Essential Cleanser from Grateful Body goes beyond the normal creamy cleanser, WAY beyond! I’d say it takes it into the land of ‘divine skincare’.

Essential Cleanser has been an absolute pleasure to use! When you see the who’s who list of botanical ingredients, you’ll see why this cleanser works so well. Grateful Body uses only the finest natural ingredients in their products. Visit their site to see what I mean.  When it comes to the herbal synchronicity found in this cleanser, it’s what most formulators only dream of. That’s also why this formulation can make your skin feel soft and alive, rather than stripped and dry. If this is just the first step of your routine, you can only imagine what the other steps will bring!

Essential Cleanser is a gift to the senses in every way. The scent is the perfect blend of freshness and warmth. I must also mention here that I am sensitive to synthetics and this product is 100% pure. This makes this product so special! The consistency is absolutely perfect, not to liquidy, not too thick. Once again, a delight for anyone to use daily.

The packaging is not only environmentally sound, it’s lovely! In fact every product type at Grateful Body has a unique label, with beautiful drawings of natural elements. This is just another offering of Grateful Body that keeps the senses happy. The last thing I want to say about this cleanser is that it does indeed keep the skin clean. So besides the pleasurable experience, it does what the name implies… it cleans! By using Grateful Body’s Essential Cleanser for several months, my pores feel tighter and my skin feels cleaner, softer, and younger. Amen to that!

What Grateful Body has to Say…

Refreshing, hydrating and clarifying
– perfect for all skin types.

Experience your daily cleansing ritual with pleasure and gratitude! This nurturing cleanser is hand-crafted from whole, vital plant ingredients to nourish and comfortably invigorate the skin, while organic papaya provides an ultra-mild exfoliating action to refine the complexion. Cleanses effectively, leaving skin feeling balanced and soft, never tight or dry.

  • 4 oz / 120 ml ~for all skin types – Price – $30
    Completely free of detergents, synthetic alcohols, foaming agents and sulfates—never strips or disrupts the skin’s natural protective barrier.

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