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Flower Waxes

Making Flower Waxes

Essential flower wax is the vegetable wax (like beeswax) from the flowers, the solid material that is left after the plant scent is alcohol extracted and chilled. This separates the wax (the solid material) from the essential oil. This process and new perfume substance can only be done in the laboratory or in the perfume industry. The production of essential wax is a result of solvent extraction that is used on delicate flowers whose scent would be destroyed by steam distillation. Only the flowers that are undamaged and are freshly picked and selectively chosen are collected and taken to the extraction plant. The flowers are mixed with the solvent, which results in the floral concrète. The concrète is then thoroughly mixed with and dissolved in high proof alcohol. Then this is chilled. The fragrant tincture and wax separates via the cold and the tincture is filtered off. The wax is collected. The alcohol tincture is treated via vacuum distillation or simple evaporation that removes the alcohol leaving the absolute (scent).
~Flowers are picked
~Flowers taken to the extraction plant
~Flowers are crushed
~Flowers mixed with high-proof alcohol
~Mixture is chilled = WAX + fragrant tincture
~Wax extracted + Scent
~The Essential Wax is mixed with 100% virgin Hazelnut oil (which contains phospholipids, Oleic
acid, vitamin E & carotenoids).
~Resulting substance is used in a concentration of 0.5- 10% in cosmetic Products
~Flowers are picked
~Flowers taken to the extraction plant
~Flowers mixed with solvent = Floral concrète
~Floral concrète is dissolved with high-proof alcohol
~Mixture is chilled = WAX + fragrant tincture
~Wax collected separately
~Fragrant tincture is treated with vacuum distillation or evaporation = Absolute + alcohol
~Absolute used in perfumery

The Essential Wax is also mixed with 100% virgin Hazelnut oil (which contains phospholipids, Oleic acid, vitamin E & carotenoids). This process carries all the valuable fatty components (carotenoids) in their original state into the raw wax that is naturally produced from the flowers. The wax becomes linked with the vegetable triglycerides. The wax is stable and 100% natural and not susceptible to oxidation, so there is no need to add any (exogenous) type of antioxidants.

1. The waxes have the melting point of the temperature of the human body. As a result, when the
wax is applied, it immediately melts and creates a fine lipid-rich film that protects the skin and
feels pleasant to the touch. With this low melting point, the wax can be readily combined with
other ingredients used to make cosmetics without the need for high temperatures.

2. The waxes linked to the vegetable triglycerides show cosmetic activities that are not seen in the
original raw materials alone.

3. Resulting substance is used in a concentration of 0.5-5% in cosmetic Products.
If using the virgin Hazelnut oil is 100% natural and subjected to a very rigorous selection process
based on the criteria of low peroxide, low acidity, correct ripeness of the nut and it is extracted in
a hydraulic, cold-extraction process. The extraction process involves neither organic solvents nor
high temperatures. With this process, the phospholipids and vitamin E that are naturally present
are carried through into the end product.
There are as many waxes as there are flowers being treated by solvent extraction. Some that are
available to us are Orange Flower wax, Narcissus wax, Cassie wax, Jasmine wax, Rose wax,
Tuberose wax and others. Waxes can be used as part of the solid base of solid perfumes or it can
be added to skin care products where the waxes properties are to soften, moisturize, soothe, as an
emollient and others.

Essential Flower Wax Properties
Neroli Floral Wax #602
Citrus bigaradia from France
1250 flowers = 1 gram of wax

Aids in blocking harmful UV rays
Antioxidant properties
Calming and soothing to skin
Contains carotenoids
Helps eliminate dead skin cells
Helps improve dull hair
Helps reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles
Rich in Vitamin E
Softens skin
Tones and soothes sensitive skin
Use in skin care products; lotions, creams, sunscreen, and balms and for all your Anti-aging

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