Naked Soul LOVE Exotic Rose Exfoliating Mask

LOVE… That’s what you’ll say when you touch your face after using Naked Soul Love Exotic Rose Exfoliating Mask. If the sumptuous scent of the Rose Bourbonia oil doesn’t make you melt, the soft gently-exfoliated skin will. Everything about this mask proclaims, “Love, love, and more to love”.

Basically there are two parts to a scrub, the liquid and the solid. While some companies are searching for the next synthetic replacement for the microbead, Naked Soul would never consider using such a thing. They’ve opted for the gentle Jojoba beads approach, which is completely natural. Where Love Exfoliating Mask really stands tall is what they’ve put into the liquid part of their formula. Besides the Sea Kelp, Shea butter, Green Tea, Rose Clay, etc… they’ve even infused some of their popular Goddess Moisturizer! Why would a company spend so much time and money on their ingredients? Why does the sun come up every morning? Because they HAVE to. Naked Soul (formerly Rosa Y Fruta) pushes the limits to source and use only the highest quality ingredients. I’ve tried many of their products over the years and I can attest to the fact that their products are a cut above, and extremely LOVEly to use.

I don’t know about you, but when I use a mask, I want it to do what it’s supposed to. I also want it to be easy-to-use. If it provides a safe and enjoyable experience on top of that I’m thrilled. Check. Check. And Check. Naked Soul LOVE Exotic Rose Exfoliating Mask fills the bill all around. Baby-bottom softness and so much more.

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