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Do you know what a palindrome is?

A palindrome is a word, number, sentence, or verse that reads the same backward or forward. Last Friday, was 8-10-18. I’m not sure exactly where into the day I realized that I was enjoying a palindromic kind of a day. But it did truly feel as if I was stepping out of the 81, through the 0, and straight into the new 18, a new beginning if you will. On this first day of my new beginning, I had the absolute pleasure of visiting The Mansion on Main – Organic Spa & Salon in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

Admittedly I’ve been in almost complete seclusion for the past two years while working diligently on our new and improved ANB website. Throughout this time I did something I haven’t done since I was 18, I actually went without coloring my hair! It was interesting to see exactly what I’d been covering all these decades. In some ways I really enjoyed it. I realized that I have an interesting natural streaking pattern that looks very similar to what’s been done with foils in the past. Unfortunately, the difference is that the colors are not the ones I would pay to have put in there! But alas, it was more experimental than a firm choice, so I decided it was finally time to bring my hair back to it’s former colorful glory.

I’m thrilled that there is a safe, non-toxic hair coloring option available, and I sought it out. I first experienced the line of coloring with my appointments at Shear Miracle Organics. I found that once I tried a more natural coloring option I could never go back to those toxic hair colors! With this type of coloring produc the entire hair appointment is a joy, without the acidic stench of toxic colorants. Plus, I’ve always gotten beautiful natural results that I can see and touch. That’s what I call a win/win!

I’d been looking forward to this appointment for quite awhile. Not only was the hair stylist that I sought out (through my pre-appointment phone questions) booked months in advance, but I was so overdue for hair coloring that I was almost giddy with excitement. The day started a little rough though. After a a wrong turn that cost me a few miles, and then a directions inquiry with a police officer, I was fortunate to make it there within the first 5 minutes of my appointment time. I pulled into their driveway which took me past the delightfully homey front entrance of the spa. When I say homey, I mean that I knew I was home! Everything about the front was welcoming and charming, including the gorgeous landscaping.

Stylist Tori of The Mansion on Main - Organic Salon & Spa

I walked in to see Tori, my stylist, with a warm welcome smile. Tori is as lovely as they come, beautiful inside and out. She politely introduced herself and led me over to her station where I sat down and we chatted about what I was looking for. She offered me something to drink and within moments I had my styling cape on, and a nice warm Chamomile tea with honey in my hand. Such a nice first impression. After her consultation she began performing her haircoloring magic. Her touch was soft yet reassuring. We chatted about our love of all natural beauty care and got to know eachother over the next several minutes until it was time for the dryer processing step. This was my opportunity to sit and quietly take in the true beauty of this spa.

Interior of The Mansion on Main - Organic Salon & Spa

I noticed that everyone there represented what healthy beauty care is all about. The reason for that is clear, the owners of the spa have made ‘good health’ an absolute priority. When owners spend the time to do this, EVERYONE benefits. The clients can be comfortable knowing that they’re not breathing in toxic air or having toxic chemicals applied directly to their scalps. The employees reap the benefits even more by not having to work with these toxins day-in day-out. Ultimately, we all benefit because this is a business that is not polluting our planet.

Creative Use of Space at The Mansion on Main Organic Salon & Spa in Lancaster County, PA

The next step in the process took me out from under the dryer, so I was able to snap a few photos. I’d like to once again give credit to the thoughtful owners of The Mansion on Main. They have taken what was a fabulous older PA home and turned it into a first-rate, comfortable salon/spa environment. There was no clutter, no dirt, just a simple feeling of quiet peacefulness. Examples of their creativity and client-centered consciousness were found in their restroom. I would imagine that being a former home could have offered some challenges when renovating. But these clever owners put the amazing architecture to great use by lining the windows and an exterior door with mirrors. It visually expanded the room while giving protection from peering eyes. Their wicker vanity shelf filled with freshly washed hand towels gave me the feeling of being cared about as their guest, and assured me that this is an environmentally-saavy business.

Towel Drawer at the Mansion on Main in Lancaster County PA

As you’ll see in the photos, this is one relaxing place. This is a place that you’ll want to be, and might not want to leave!

Shampoo Bowls at The Mansion on Main

After my hair color processing was finished I was walked a few feet over to the shampoo bowls. This was where I had just watched a few people enjoy some phenomenal scalp massages! Tori had already told me that the shampoo bowls were padded. I thought she meant the neck area. Oh boy was I wrong. When she had me lean back and put my head into the bowl, there was a flat cushion… UNDER MY HEAD! We must stop here and focus on what I’m saying. I’ve never experienced this in all my years of getting my hair done (and there are a lot of them!). There was an actual black square pad that my head rested on. WOW! Consequently, this shampoo was beyond any that I’ve ever had. There was absolutely no pressure on my neck. There was no pain. Just beautiful relaxation and Tori’s amazing touch. She gave a sensational neck and scalp massage that left me feeling, well, a bit euphoric if the truth be told. I made sure to get a picture of the shampoo bowl with cushy chair and foot stool… AWESOME!

Okay, before you start thinking I’m a hick and haven’t been to nice salons or spas before, I have! This one is quite special though because it incorporates something that is difficult to find. The Mansion on Main Organic Salon and Spa brings in the element of ‘country living’. This is because this spa actually IS in the countryside, of beautiful Lancaster County, PA. While other businesses might dress their salons up to look country. This is a chic, eco-friendly spa that sits in the countryside. I took a picture on my way home to show the true beauty of this special place. I’ve found that country life spawns wholesome country values, and some of the nicest people in the world. All of this makes The Mansion on Main quite an exceptional place.

On way home from appointment from The Mansion on Main

After my shampoo ‘experience’ we went back over to Tori’s station and she went to business cutting and styling my hair. I was in such a relaxed state I hardly noticed what she did, truth be told. But what I completely remembered was when she spun me around and basically said ‘voila’! Okay, I don’t think she actually said that, but the feeling was the same as I looked into the mirror and saw a stunning head of hair before me. It kind of took my breath away actually. Tori had performed a miracle (in my eyes). She turned my silvery mess into gorgeous tresses that made me gasp, “Wow”. I thanked her profusely and asked her if I could take her picture. She graciously allowed it and we even got one together so you can see her beautiful work. Don’t we look happy? A new beginning happened to me, and I’m so happy to share my experience with you. Thank you to my new friend, Tori, at The Mansion on Main! If you can ever get to Lancaster County, PA, I highly recommend making your appointment at this fabulous place.

Tori of The Mansion on Main Organic Salon & Spa with Sharon of the All Natural Beauty Website

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Sharon Houghton Contributor

Sharon is an author & licensed esthetician living in Pennsylvania. She has merged her love of natural beauty and wellness into a web enterprise, inspiring others to go the all-natural way whenever possible.

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Sharon Houghton Contributor

Sharon is an author & licensed esthetician living in Pennsylvania. She has merged her love of natural beauty and wellness into a web enterprise, inspiring others to go the all-natural way whenever possible.

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