Weight loss should be done for one reason... You!

What is one of the most talked about topics by women besides their hair? Yes, you guessed it – losing weight. This is my experience anyway. Being in a service business (hairstylist and reflexologist) I come into contact with a lot of women and this is two of the most talked about topics I hear about. Whether I am at work, or at a mall or anywhere, these are the topics I hear talked about most.

This is going to be short and to the point. Most people who talk about losing weight say they are going to lose it for this event or that event. Have you ever heard the following statements or even said something similar yourself?:

‘My high school reunion is coming up in a couple months so I am going to work really hard and lose these 10 pounds I have been wanting to lose.’ OR ‘Summer is coming, so I am going to start working out now so I can look good in my bathing suit.’ OR ‘I have a wedding to go to in a couple months so I am putting myself on a strict diet so I look good for it.’

The only true way you will lose the weight you want to lose and keep it off is to do it for one reason only:

You do it for YOU…

…because YOU want to stay healthy and take care of the only body you have in this lifetime. Then you must take the steps to reach your goal day by day and make it your lifestyle.

Easy, no. Worth it, YES!

If you do it for anybody else but yourself, you will most likely fail. Sorry, but this is the truth of what I have seen. If you do lose weight for other reasons, it is usually short-lived and the weight creeps back on.

Sit with yourself and discover why and what emotions are preventing you from accomplishing something that would make you feel so much better. Learn techniques to help you dissolve those barriers and limiting beliefs that are blocking your success.

You are a living creation in the Universe – live it to your potential – you are so worth it!

Much abundance,

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