Does the thought of Valentine’s Day excite you or does it give you another big holiday headache?

Traditionally, Valentine’s Day is a day where lovers express their love for each other.  They send ‘valentine’ greetings in the form of cards, flowers and lots and lots of chocolate.  These greetings are further exemplified through the traditional symbols of Valentine’s Day that include hearts, Cupid and his arrow and lots of ‘Be My Valentine’ love notes.

Is Love only supposed to be so outwardly expressed this one day of the year?

Love, love, love…isn’t that a Beatles song?  Yes and I believe it is called, ‘All We Need is Love.’  It is true – we do need love, but we need the non-clinging kind – the kind that allows each one of us to be who we are, without anyone trying to change or manipulate us into something that we are not.  Easy?  No – especially with all the conditioning and expectations that we were brought up with about how Love should be shown to us.

How can we break these conditioned patterns?

Sit with yourself a bit and find out if you have any clinging or expectations when it comes to love.  See what emotions get stirred up, if any, when you ask yourself the following questions:

What if your partner does not get you anything on Valentine’s Day?  Would you be upset?  What are you expecting to receive on this day?  What if you only received a card?  What if your partner expressed to you that he or she wanted to leave the relationship?  Would you do everything in your power to convince him or her not to leave?  Or would you let him or her go in peace, wishing only the best for each of you?

Once we become aware of any clinging or expectations we may have about love, then with that same awareness, we can release it and let it go, replacing ‘self-centered love’ with ‘true love’.  Only then can we truly enjoy the material forms of this world, including those traditional Valentine’s Day gifts we may receive, because we will not be attached to it or mistake it for ‘true love’.  We can now enjoy all gifts, because we know that true love only comes from within.

Imagine that we prepared a Valentine’s Day for our special someone with no expectations whatsoever?  What if we prepared something to give from our hearts, without expecting to get anything in return?  What if we created something new and different to experience on this Valentine’s Day – something that catapults you and your lover into the NOW?  Let’s give it a try!

Now on to the fun part!

Let’s step out of the box and add a little of nature’s bounty to the mix – namely essential oils and the art of Aromatherapy!

The power of scent is amazing.  Animals use it in the wild to attract a mate, women and men wear their favorite perfume or cologne to enhance their physical attraction and we even use scent to entice a home buyer, (think warm cinnamon buns just pulled out of the oven) who is walking through our home, to attract a sale.

Can you think of a scent that takes you back to your childhood?  Maybe something your mom or grandmother used to cook or bake or the fresh scent of an orange as you peel the skin away to reveal the succulent fruit.  When you inhale a scent, it brings you into the moment.  Even if you are thinking about a past event, you relive it in the moment that is the Now.  That is how powerful our sense of smell is.

Imagine creating a personalized scent for the one you love that can bring you into the moment together, as one.

This Valentine’s Day, use your senses as a pathway to presence!

Using your sense of smell and touch are the perfect vehicles for experiencing a truly sensual, Valentine’s evening – one of true Love – the Love that allows one to be who they are, every moment of every day.

So let’s dive in to make this Valentine’s Day fun and unique by creating your own special Valentine’s Love Potion blend for you and your partner to inspire a magical evening – whether it be full of romance, or just much needed quiet time for the two of you.  Ok, I know there are a few things you would have to consider first such as planning for a babysitter if you have young children, turning your phone off (and putting your cell phone on vibrate or off if you can) and creating your essential oil Love Potion blend before Valentine’s Day, but if planned out, it could be a day you will treasure for a long time.

Below is a list of essential oils to choose from and how to create your scentual potion.  With a little planning, you can ignite the spark in your partner and have a blissful, romantic evening!

Essential Oils:

Lavender ~ reduces stress and promotes relaxation

Rose ~ inspires love and romance

Ylang ylang ~ aphrodisiac

Jasmine ~ exotic – invites in romance

Rose Geranium ~ balances the emotions

Sandalwood ~ sweet and earthy – relaxes the senses

Vanilla ~ aphrodisiac; men seem to love this scent

Lemon ~ light and uplifting

Clary Sage ~ promotes deep relaxation and reduces stress and tension

Patchouli ~ deep and earthy – grounding

Sweet Orange ~ warms the heart

Love Potion Recipe ~
Create a unique Valentine’s Love Potion essential oil blend for you and your partner.  Once created, you can use this blend in the ways described below.  You just never know, your partner may become love-struck as if hit by Cupid’s arrow or just thrilled that you took the time to create this sacred space for the two of you.

Choose 2-4 essential oils from the above list.  Start by listing your chosen essential oils on a piece of paper.  Then write down the number of drops of each one that you will use.  Have your drops add up to approximately 30 in total.  Now that you have created your formula, make your blend by adding the essential oils to a 5 or 10 ml glass bottle that has an orifice reducer (allows drops to come out one at a time) or to a glass bottle that has a dropper.  You should be able to find these at your local health food store or Whole Foods.

Below are some sample blends.  You can also choose one essential oil to use such as Lavender or Rose Geranium by itself to keep it simple.  Or if you do not have the time to create your own, you can choose a blend already made that is for sale at a health food store such as Whole Foods or contact an Aromatherapy Consultant who can make a customized blend for you.

Rose Bliss:
Rose – 5 drops
Rose Geranium – 7 drops
Lemon – 15 drops

Lavender – 14 drops
Sandalwood – 10 drops
Vanilla – 6 drops

Lover’s Lust:
Lavender – 20 drops
Rose Geranium – 9 drops
Ylang ylang – 1 drop

Hearts On Fire:
Vanilla – 8 drops
Sandalwood – 7 drops
Patchouli – 2 drops
Sweet orange – 17 drops

Once you have your blend made, here are some ways to use your magical Love Potion:

Diffuser ~ to scent your environment with romance, follow the directions that came with your diffuser.  Be sure to start diffusing your blend at least 15 minutes before your ‘special date’ begins.

Scented Card ~ adds a personal touch to your Valentine’s message – put a drop or two of your blend, (add the drops the day before or the day that you are giving the card) to the Valentine’s Day card you are giving your partner.

Romantic Massage ~ Two gifts in one!  (Plus you are using both your sense of smell and touch!)  Give the gift of your homemade body oil and then use it to give a loving massage to your partner.  Add 9-12 drops of your Love Potion blend to a 1 ounce bottle and then fill it up with a base oil such as sweet almond oil or jojoba (bases can be found at health food stores).

Sensuous Bath ~ Have a tub for two?  Scent your bath with your erotic Love Potion blend (add 5-7 drops to your bath water and swish around) and light some candles for a truly cupid-inspired evening.  Why not use your body oil blend and massage each other as well for true heart-warming bliss!

Blissful Bedding Mist ~ Buy an empty 1 ounce bottle with a sprayer top.  Add 9-12 drops of your Valentine’s Love Potion blend to the bottle.  Then fill the rest of the bottle with distilled water.  Shake well and mist lightly on pillows and sheets to induce sweet dreams after your romantic Valentine’s rendezvous.

Really be in the moment when you spend this time with your special someone. Inhale the scents (your sense of smell) and really feel his or her skin (your sense of touch) as you massage each other.  Stay present and in the moment by focusing on these senses and your time together will be that much more powerful and unifying.

Be creative!  It’s fun to change things up a bit.  Plus the thought you put into this shows your partner how special she or he is to you.  If you have extra time, why not cook a romantic dinner as well.  Whatever you have time for, even if it is just adding a drop of essential oil to your lover’s Valentine’s card, go for it.  Make it unique and different by adding your special touches.  Turn the lights down low, light some candles and be open to the experience – you never know where it may lead!

Of course you do not have to wait for Valentine’s Day or some other holiday to do this.  You can use these ideas anytime.  Aromatherapy gives us these special gifts inspired by nature that you can use daily to make your days and nights special, no matter what time of the year.


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