Mango Facial Scrub Recipe


1/4 Mango (1.15 oz) You may substitute with Papaya

1 teaspoon Honey

1 teaspoon Almond Meal


Mash the Mango very well with a fork. Stir in the Honey, then add the Almond meal. You should have a workable paste that you can spread and massage on a freshly cleansed skin. Be especially gentle on the face. You’ll receive the enzymatic action of the Mango as well as the manual exfoliation of the Almond Meal. So this is a powerful exfoliation treatment. The Honey acts as a mild buffer and humectant. After massaging for 5-10 minutes, gently remove with a warm washcloth.

This is the perfect ‘before’ treatment to the SharAmbrosia Avocado Masque. Otherwise, apply your moisturizer.

Sharon Houghton Contributor
Sharon Houghton Contributor
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