Winter is upon us, and boy is it cold!  Where I am the nights have been cold, and daytime isn’t much better.  I am not feeling very thirsty but I make sure to drink water even if I don’t feel the need.  It’s important for my comfort and my health.

Winter is one of the seasons when we are more at risk of becoming dehydrated because we don’t always feel thirsty like we do during the hot months.  But water is just as critical during the cold months, if not more so.   Every breath you take of cold air puts a demand on your metabolism to warm it up, and cold air dehydrates you with every breath you take.  

Think about your skin during the cold winter months, it’s dry! There are studies that show extreme temperatures both hot and cold demand more water intake.  So take heed, and drink more water!  If where you are is extremely cold you may need even more than the minimum recommendation of 64oz, some say it can be twice this amount.

It can help you keep warm!  Being well hydrated actually helps regulate body temperature and will keep you warmer, and it may help you stay healthier during cold and flu season!  Dry tissues are more susceptible to disease.

Keep your skin looking it’s best!  I like to say that water for skin care is best applied from this inside out! Making sure you are getting enough water during the winter will also help keep your skin from becoming extremely dry!

Here are 5 ways to ensure you are getting enough water during the winter

  1. Start your morning with 24oz of water – three 8oz glasses.
  2. Keep water handy to sip during the day, drink another 8oz before lunch, and at least 8oz more in the afternoon.
  3. Be aware that caffeinated drinks are actually dehydrating, as are alcoholic drinks – so try limiting these.  If you are regularly consuming these increase your water intake.
  4. Drink herbal teas. Ginger tea is nicely warming during cold months for example
  5. Drink another 16 oz in the evening, 8 oz before dinner, and 8 oz before bed

Staying hydrated during these cold winter months will help you stay warmer, healthier, and more beautiful!

Here’s to our health!


Shirley Makela, AADP INHC


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Shirley Makela Contributor
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