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Healthy Living: To Lye or Not to Lye
Pat White's Healthy Living Articles
Written by Pat White of Essential Body Pleasures   
The Importance of Lye in SoapI remember when I first started making soap and lye scared the begebers out of me.  Lye can certainly be dangerous but if you treat it with respect, follow directions and dress appropriately you should be fine.

There are many myths surrounding handmade soap, but two of the biggest are about the use and safety of lye in soap. This article will dispel those myths so that you can see that handmade soap is indeed safe and even superior to the synthetic detergent bars found in the grocery store. 

Myth #1: Soap can be made without lye.

In the most simple terms, no lye = no soap.  Soap is a combination of lye, (Sodium Hydroxide or NAOH) and fatty acids that creates a chemical reaction called saponification, creating salts of the fatty acids (soap) plus glycerin.  Without lye, saponification cannot happen, so you cannot have soap without lye. Each molecule is converted during saponification, so there is no resulting lye in the final bar of soap.

If you look at bars on grocery store shelves, you’ll find that the word ‘soap’ does not appear on these bars. Instead you’ll see ‘cleansing bar’, or ‘beauty bar’. These bars cannot be
The Promises and Lies of Toxic Beauty Care
Written by Sharon Houghton of SharAmbrosia All Natural Spa Store   

Safe Beauty Care - Who Can you Trust?

When you think of beauty products from well-known companies, visions of young beautiful models and starlets can easily come into your mind, or even heavily touched up mature ones. Along with these beautiful images, you’ll receive the stated and unstated promises of good health, youth, vitality, confidence and sensuality. These are the alluring ideas that most cosmetic manufacturers want you to think and feel as you watch their commercials or see their ads in magazines. These are basically the promises and lies of toxic beauty care.

Whole Living: You Are Beautiful
Shirley Makela's Whole Living Articles
Written by Shirley Makela of Alki Organix   

You're BeautifulIn my business making and selling natural skin care products I talk to a lot of people about skin care, I do continuous research, read posts in various groups that center around natural skin care, and think a lot about it all. I am fascinated by all the incredible gifts we have in nature for health and skin care but I find I am often conflicted. Not about the benefits of truly natural skin care, or even the need to care for our skin both by how we eat to take care of our bodies and how we treat the largest organ of our bodies, our skin. I am conflicted because I talk to so many women with lovely skin who believe their skin is still lacking ideal beauty somehow. They obviously don’t see what I see when I look at them.  They are beautiful.

 Recently a very beautiful mature woman with a radiant smile asked me what I made and recommended for wrinkles.  Now, mind you she didn’t look 20 or even 30, she looked like she took very good care of herself, she looked beautiful!  What raced through my mind was all the things I know about aging gracefully; avoiding excess sun, drinking enough water to stay properly hydrated, avoiding excess sugar in your diet, eating plenty of fresh vegetables and fruit, avoiding processed food, getting enough sleep, using gentle natural methods for cleansing and keeping your skin protected, etc.  But what came out of my mouth before I even thought about it was this:

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