Being pampered by professionals at a spa can be a wonderful treat. But it does have conditions which can make it inconvenient and unattainable for some. That’s why I decided to take the question of ‘How do you create Spa Luxury in your own home?’ to our resident experts on the subject…our anb forum guests. They know the ins and outs of all-natural beauty pampering at home. Being a spa professional myself, I’ve done a little supplementing with my own thoughts on the subject. I hope that you enjoy our ‘homemade spa luxury’ ideas, and use them in your own home!

Pampering is important…
It’s so easy to come up with excuses for why we shouldn’t pamper ourselves. The usual ones are… I don’t have the time, I have too much to do, and… it’s just not important.

All of these excuses can be dispelled. The usual reason that someone thinks that they don’t have time is because they don’t schedule the time into their lives. Couldn’t you find that hour here or there if you really think about it? Is there a sister, friend, or husband that can watch the kids for an afternoon while you soak in the tub and read a magazine?

If you are behind on your work, studies, or whatever, do you really think that an hour, or even a half of an hour of ‘me’ time is going to take away something that would not instead be helped by that special time given to your sense of peace?

Lastly, if you think that it’s not important, you must ask yourself…Are you important? If you’re not sure, let me tell you, yes you are! Whether you are a mother, wife, friend or person in this society… you matter. If everyone was at their best, think about what a better world we would live in. So many of us have been brainwashed into thinking that pampering is a decadent thing to do. Some feel that only the wealthy get pampered. Or that it’s only something that one does as a once-in-awhile ‘treat’. After giving as many pampering treatments to people as I’ve given, I know for a fact that ‘pampering’ is just another word for ‘healing’.

We are all at one level of stress or another. One instant way to find out what your level of stress is, is to notice how tense your muscles are at any given moment. Are your shoulders up around your ears right now? Stop right now for a moment and let your shoulders drop down. How far did they lower when you did that? That’s how stressed you are. The goal is to be as relaxed as possible, while being able to function at your best in this world. Remember, it’s not a selfish thing! Others that are more uptight than you will try to make you feel guilty. You are the only one that is responsible for your own good health, not them. Learn to let the things that stress you bounce right off of you. Less stress, means better health. And the better health that you are in allows you to offer the world… a better you. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

“I like my bathroom to mirror my particular needs for the day : )
For me the spa experience begins with warm thick towels. I use scented
candles if my skin care is not scented. I love flowers also. It could be a single rose or flower, but something to make me appreciate the beauty of life.
Magazines are a must in my house : ) I like to read when I have a mask on my face. The bathroom is the only place where I can find some privacy (two teenagers : )

Once or twice a year, I’ll have a glass of wine during my spa retreat and just look at fashion magazines while having a mask on and doing my nails. This is my ultimate spa time and that’s why it’s done so rarely.” -Lourdes

Release and let go….
If there’s one thing that is necessary for the true sense of pampering, it’s to remember these important words. Once you truly get it, you will be able to relax anywhere, and at any time. While sitting in the tub, while applying your facial masque, any time that you want to fully relax, just say the words ‘release and let go’.

What these words mean is that you let your body release it’s tension, and you let go of all thoughts about your typical daily activity. As you say the word release take in a nice big comfortable breathe, and as you say let go blow it out, all of it. It’s the exhalation of this breath that truly releases all pent up stress. Let the feelings go out through your entire body, down your arms and out your fingers, and down through your legs and out your toes. Feel it, and it will work. Believe it, and it will work. Your mind is where the tension starts. Your mind is where the relaxation starts.

“I have a peace lily at the foot of our tub. I feel that some live plants are needed to add some life to the room. I have vanilla scented candles at the other end of the tub because it’s not only my favorite fragrance, but also very relaxing.

I have vanilla bath salts and soaps to complement this and have a plug in thingy in a vanilla scent. At this point, our only light is the light bar above the mirror and candles. At some point we plan on adding a skylight above the tub and shower. That would add some beautiful natural light, or a view to the stars at night.

I would also like to get one of those spa jet tub inserts. I think HoMedics or one of those companies makes something you slip into the tub and it recreates a Jacuzzi experience. My father got one of these after he injured his shoulder recently and raved about it. A man, rave about something like this? I knew it had to be good.

After I get out of the tub, dry off with my Turkish towel and either use lotion or oils to moisturize, I have my big fluffy terry cloth robe to lounge in. I could wear that while doing a pedicure if I so desire.” -Daniell

Begin your treatments with relaxing thoughts…
One of the lessons about relaxation that I learned while giving my treatments was that the sooner into the process that my clients would let go and relax, the deeper into relaxation they would be able to go, and the more relaxation time they were able to enjoy.

My advice to you while giving yourself a time of pampering is to learn to clear your mind and relax your body as soon into your treatment as possible. Again, the best way to do this is to fill your mind with a relaxing thought. The mind is like a vacuum. It always wants to be filled. If you don’t fill it with relaxing thoughts, it begins filling itself with those typical daily thoughts like “Did I remember to pay that bill?”, “I need to pick up Mikey at 3:00”, “Next week is Cathy’s birthday” etc…etc… So choose your thoughts and this is less likely to happen. Some of my own favorite thoughts have been about childhood memories of Grandma’s house, being at the beach, and walking through a beautiful garden.

Choose your thoughts, so that your thoughts don’t choose you. And be conscious of this early into your pampering session so that you will get more pampering time into your treatment. Once you are completely relaxed you won’t have to consciously choose your thoughts. Beautiful and positive thoughts will stream into your mind. A relaxed mind brings about a relaxed body… and a relaxed body brings about a relaxed and positive attitude. Your homemade spa luxury experience is all yours, make it count.

“Wow, I’m trying to remember the days when I could decorate my bathroom. Now I can’t even leave a shampoo or conditioner bottle on the rim of the tub, or my toddler will empty it out on the floor while I’m brushing my teeth.

I love visiting other people’s homes where there are pretty, neutral-colored things in their rooms. Candles, books, vases, flowers, It’s all so nice. I’m just happy if I’m not stepping on a Lego, or a moving object with wheels on it.


“Oh, boy can I identify with you! My decor is a theme I call “Tossed Toys” with a little bit of “Mom’s Overwhelm”.

…I try though, and my bathrooms are the one areas that always stay clean. One is painted a beautiful deep shade of red that actually is kind of a red raspberry color. I have LARGE paintings/artwork in it and it really looks neat. Candles and baskets round out the decor there. I am a minimalist, so I like the look. I let the fixtures that I have picked out really stand out in my bathrooms this way too. …I’ve always seen those heated towel warmers… now that it is below 30 degrees here and snowed today (Chicago) a heated towel sounds like a great home-spa luxury. …Hmmmmm, sounds like a winner of a Christmas gift too (for those of us who are “always cold”).” -Andrea

Soothing sounds…
Sometimes the joy of relaxing requires nothing more than silence. But sometimes that’s not possible and you need to block out the noises that are there at the moment. And sometimes it’s just nice to have sounds that enhance the mood that you want to create. Nature sounds are enjoyed by most of us, simply because they bring about feelings of being on vacation, or just being outside in a natural setting. Nowadays there are many alternatives when you go to buy your nature cd’s. You’ll find every choice from ocean waves to the sounds of the Bayou, and everything in between.

One of my all time favorite series of relaxation cd’s is one called “Golden Voyage”. I used to listen to it as I gave my facial treatments about 20 years ago and I’ve never forgotten how lovely it was. It truly took you on a voyage through it’s simple sweet music mixed with it’s chimes, water and other natural sounds.

If you enjoy harp music, Hilary Stagg has a couple of cd’s that I’ve found to be very uplifting and enjoyable. As well as Andreas Vollenweider, who’s music takes you on it’s own kind of journey. It tends to speed up at times, but none the less, takes you away from your ordinary day.

The New Age artist, Stephen Halpern has given me many many hours of enjoyment through his slow steady notes that take you to never-neverland. His music is absolutely perfect for massage, which means that it’s perfect for your at-home pampering treatments. Just please make sure not to fall asleep in the tub!

Unless you’re following someone else’s recommendation, always listen to a relaxation cd before you buy it. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been fooled by a very relaxing cd cover with a very relaxing title. There’s nothing worse than relaxing back in the tub, sinking into bliss, only to find that there is that middle section of the cd that speeds up and turns into a rock ‘n’ roll event. There are so many excellent cd’s to choose from these days. The right ones will really add a nice element to your experience.

“During my first and only massage, the therapist played very relaxing sounds of waves and some very slow music. It was almost more like single notes being played and drawn out than music. It was incredibly relaxing and I’d like to get something like that to play for myself. I also like classical, but think I’d like this better for this purpose.” -Daniel

“A fountain is also nice as are cds with soothing sounds from nature. The biggest thing that the working Mom’s in my house have used is the water fountain. For some reason everyone has really received a lot of pleasure from them. My choices for soothing music (at this moment) has been Ottmar Liebert (flamenco Spanish guitar). I find some of his cd’s bring to mind a relaxing evening of wine and music.” -Lourdes


Your time…
There are so many things that you can do with your ‘me’ time. Taking a nice long bath is my all-time favorite. Just lounging in a tub filled with a beautiful all-natural scent can be heavenly. But there are so many different treatments that you can give yourself if you want to add more beautifying to your session. Nowadays there are a myriad of different all-natural products that one can use to cleanse and beautify themselves with from head to toe. Treat yourself with the products that you usually wait for others to give you as gifts. Bath salts, hydrosols, facial masques and scrubs, hair packs, these are the delightful products that you can use to create your own special treatment. (Here are some companies that we suggest)

Why do we give ourselves ‘Homemade Spa Luxury’ time? Because it’s a way to re-group, come back to our beautiful selves, and have more to offer the world. The beautifying and cleansing process achieved by our body is just as important as the beautifying and cleansing done to our psyches. That’s why it is so important to tune out the world completely. Sure, you can bring a friend or spouse into your pampering with you. But just remember that this is a selfish pleasure that will turn back the hands of time if you do it right! Light candles, play your soft sounds, turn off the phone, and just … reeeeelax.

“Massage is awesome as a relaxing pre-treat if your partner is willing, especially with sugar as an exfoliant for winter itchy backs (this dissolves in the warm water). Mask, slather hair with a deep penetrating hot oil treatment, play spa music, soak with candles, half way meditate with pleasant thoughts (and the phone off), start to drain tub and rinse off under shower, pat dry, mist with hydrosol, and apply lotion. This is the long version and quite indulging.

The right aromatherapy blend here is awesome for the spirit…hint, hint. You might want to come out with an EO synergy for soaking.” -‘tricia


Written by Sharon Houghton


Sharon Houghton Contributor

Sharon is an author & licensed esthetician living in Pennsylvania. She has merged her love of natural beauty and wellness into a web enterprise, inspiring others to go the all-natural way whenever possible.

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Visit Organic Web Care – For all your web care needs

Sharon Houghton Contributor

Sharon is an author & licensed esthetician living in Pennsylvania. She has merged her love of natural beauty and wellness into a web enterprise, inspiring others to go the all-natural way whenever possible.

Organic Web Care for All of Your Web Needs

Visit Organic Web Care – For all your web care needs

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