Pur' Lips Lipstick from Rejuva Minerals

Review by Sharon

What is it about lipstick that brings so much life to the face? Lipstick can truly be the make or break of any makeup application. It can be absolutely alluring cosmetic, or detrimental to the entire look. It all comes down to formulation really. Sure, the color matters too. But even the strongest color can be muted, when the formula is good. A good example… Rejuva Minerals’ PūR LIPS Lipstick in Red Red Wine (not the color shown here).

The other feature that I look for in a great lipstick, besides the color, is the ‘wearability’ factor. I found that this lipstick had no downside. It made my lips feel very soft, for quite awhile. This is definitely a lipstick as opposed to a lip balm. I don’t know about you, but when I want a lipstick… I want a lipstick! Lipstick has the unique role of adding a color that stays on well enough to balance out other makeup on the face. So while lip balm is great on those lighter makeup days, lipstick is the ticket for special occasions (even if that means every day wear). It won’t stain or dry out the lips. The consistency is a great balance between staying-power, and lip nourishment. I’m thrilled with the ingredients in this and I know you will be too.

Enjoy being gorgeous in the rich sophistication of Red Red Wine throughout the winter and beyond. This is a timeless color that will be beautiful on all ages. The mature among us will enjoy that it’s a non-staining or bleeding lipstick. There are only praises for this one. Make sure to get yours soon.

Actual Red Red Wine Lipstick Color

Here’s what Rejuva Minerals has to say…

– Packed with skin loving organic ingredients
– 61.65% Organic Content
– Semi matte finish
– Vegan
– Free of soy and gluten
– Free of FD & C dyes and carmine (insect parts)

Packaged in BPA and phthalate free tubes

Our lipstick is shipped in boxes that are manufactured from 50% recycled material

Ingredients: Pomegranate, Organic Sunflower, Organic Jojoba, Mica, Organic Coconut, Organic Carnauba, Candelilla, Vitamin E (Sunflower), Organic Shea Butter, Organic Vanilla, Iron Oxides

Size/Price: Full Size/$13.95

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