I like to pay close attention to the news about nutrition and health. I find it fascinating.  Recently calcium has been making the news with new studies out that indicate that supplementing our diet with extra  calcium may not help keep our bones strong, and may in some cases even be making them more brittle!  The news about the new study showing this didn’t surprise me as in my studies to become an Integrative Nutritional Health Coach I was already aware of studies that were showing this.  A couple of decades ago we were told that fats were our worst enemy, and even though it’s been shown to be untrue, that fats (good fats and oils) are vital for our health and even our brain function we’re still being sold low fat foods. The list goes on.  It’s difficult sometimes to know what to believe.  News organizations love headlines, they capture our attention and so make money for the organization– but should we take them as gospel and embrace every new thing?  Maybe not.  Itend to be more accepting when news comes out about new types of “food” being unhealthy – trans fats and processed sugars being a glaring example.

I admit I am a science buff.  Science has added fascinating and wonderful understanding of our world and our health, but I think sometimes as we digest all the new information we also need to remember that there is still so much that is unknown.  The complexities of our world and life and the interrelations in life is one I think we should respect.  There’s much we don’t know.  So, while calcium is important it’s now being realized after decades of recommending calcium supplements that this is not the best way to go about getting our required amount. More is not better, and in fact may be making our bones stronger, but more brittle!

This is the reason I choose to pay attention and respect the science on what we do know but respect also what we don’t know. That’s why I choose to ‘go simple’.  By that I mean when it comes to healthy nutrition make your first choice for the best diet choose nutrient dense whole foods rather than isolated nutrients and respect what we don’t know (yet).  Make the highest percentage of your diet plant based, and think carefully before choosing highly processed foods (empty calories!).  I think this should be true in choices for skin care products as well as diet, focusing on using an isolated compound or nutrient may not be best, and in fact may be damaging.  Treat the earth and your body with respect.  Respect for what we do know, as well as what we don’t.

I like to think of myself and my body as part of this miraculous world in all its known and unknown wonders!  Life is truly miraculous!


Here’s To Our Health!

Shirley Makela Contributor
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