The holiday season is an especially fun time to experiment with makeup. You can get away with a bit more, and it even feels right to be a bit more dramatic in your application. A mineral makeup company that never lets me down is Rejuva Minerals. Their colors are gorgeous, and the feel and reliability makes them one that I believe in.

Rejuva Mineral’s new Multi Purpose Pressed Powders are amazing! If you love mineral makeup but don’t necessarily enjoy using loose minerals (which can be a little messy), you’re going to LOVE these! These are made to last and made to resist the usual wear and tear that you put on your makeup products. Most important though is that they come in the most beautiful colors! My favorite is the Mocha Latte. It’s the ‘perfect brown’ eye shadow. Why? Because it is what I call the ‘neutral gray’ that we all need to visually push back certain areas subtly. This one has just enough warmth to make it sensational. You can use a little or a lot according to the look you’re going for and it will do exactly what it should. Another one of my favorites is the Papaya shade. This one is equally as impressive. It’s what I consider to be ‘the perfect peachy shade’ for finishing your application with rosy cheeks. I can’t imagine a skin shade that this would not work well for. If you are into subtlety you will also love the Tropical Sunset  soft peachy shade. It’s created for eyes and face. Iris and Acai Berry will can be as dynamic as you like when used together for the same application. They’re both in the pink/berry shades and absolutely lovely!

Rejuva Minerals sent me 5 colors to try, 2 for the eyes, 2 for the face, and 1 for both areas. You can see all of them below… ALL absolutely beautiful. My advice is to get over to the Rejuva Minerals website to see all of their different shades and products, and buy some goodies for your new ‘holiday look’. Enjoy!

Rejuva Multi Purpose Shadows

Clockwise From Top Right: Mocha Latte, Tropical Sunset, Papaya, Iris, Acai Berry

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